7 Reasons Why Vietnamese Beaches Are Famous

17 Jan, 2023 | A-> Z Guide

Vietnam draws sun-seekers from all over the world and names it as one of the best spots for beach vacations in Southeast Asia. 

Mesmerizing. Unspoiled. Authentic. 

These three words reflect Vietnam’s countless beaches. With more than 2,000 miles of coastline, from the Gulf of Tonkin down to the Gulf of Thailand, visitors can stop anywhere for taking a dip in the deep blue clear water or lazing under the shade of an umbrella and getting tan. This makes their Vietnam vacation more exciting and memorable. 

Most beaches are easy to access by scooters or cars as the traffic roads are convenient. Isolated islands can be accessed by ferry or speedboats. Hotels are delivered of every size and budget, local cuisines and international dining, plenty of activities from boat trips, and island hoppings to diving for marine life, no wonder why Vietnam draws sun-seekers from all over the world and names it as one of the best spots for beach vacations in Southeast Asia. 

We figure out below 7 reasons why  Vietnamese beaches are famous. Help us by adding more reasons that you learn from your experience traveling to Vietnam. We also shorten the long list to the 10 best Vietnamese beaches that are easier for you to choose for your next Vietnam trip.

1. Gorgeous Sunrises And Sunsets

Beautiful sunrise on Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Many beaches in Vietnam are isolated so they are far away from the harsh lights of big cities. Here, you can enjoy the peacefulness and tranquility of an early morning or late afternoon while immersing yourself in the immensity of the ocean, waiting for the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. 

5-star beach resorts in Con Dao Island, Ninh Van Bay, or Nha Trang offer romantic dinners on the beach, under the stars. This is a great way to rekindle your love in the sound of waves gently crashing the shore. 

2. Down-to-earth Coastlines And Breathtaking Islands

The rugged coastline in Phu Yen, Vietnam

Vietnam has a long coastline of 2,140 miles running from the north to the Southwest, offering alluring beaches and charming seascapes. The country also has 2,800 islands, most of which are uninhabited, remaining the pristine beauty of nature. Few of them cover national parks such as Cat Ba Island, Phu Quoc Island, and Con Dao Island giving them incredible walking trails and fabulous views. The most famous is Con Dao Island which used to serve as the prison island during the two wars, a somber note of the tropical paradise. 

3. The Authentic Vibe of Local Culture 

Local children are swimming and wave jumping in Ly Son, Vietnam

Along the Vietnam coastline, there are fishing villages where the villagers still remain the traditional way of life. Just a short walk from our hotel, it’s easy to see small fishing boats coming back from their morning catch. Local people enjoy an early swim under the light of sunrise. At 5 AM, morning fishing markets open near the beaches for purchasing fresh seafood and selling breakfast for fishermen. 

4. A Variety of Activities

Enjoy snorkeling in Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang

Water activities are abundant when spending a beach vacation in Vietnam. At the beach, you can take part in diverse activities such as kayaking, diving, and snorkeling. If you want to get closer to local life, try to fish with them. Those who want to enjoy the beautiful surrounding can try a boat tour to hop from island to island. Some beach provinces like Phu Yen and Nha Trang are rich with thousands of years of Cham culture that visitors can explore through relics, cuisines, and lifestyles. And don’t forget, the sun (Vietnam has a lot to offer) and sand are free, so make sure you take full advantage of both.  

5. Seafood Is Fresh, Delicious, And Cheap

Fresh seafood caught in the day that you find everywhere in Vietnam beaches

Few places on earth where you can find fresh seafood at such a cheap price as Vietnam. Seafood is sold everywhere, from local markets to fine-dining restaurants giving visitors a lot of options to taste the ocean specialties. But people said outdoor restaurants located next to the beach serve the freshest and the most delicious seafood at your plastic table.

Steaming, grilling, cooking with noodles, or eating raw as sashimi, you find them all on any Vietnamese beach. In Phu Yen beaches, you can even find a seafood breakfast for $1 only.

6. Wide Selection of Luxury Beach Resorts

A Six Senses' villa on the rock, Ninh Van Bay

Visitors looking out for a luxury vacation by the ocean will be spoilt with many choices of luxurious beach resorts without the crowd in Vietnam. Some names are Amanoi designed by Jean-Michel Gathy showcases Nui Chua National Park and the dramatic views of Vinh Hy Bay or Six Senses Con Dao nested at the foot of a mountain range. Those high-end resorts allow you to chill with stunning sunsets from your balcony, get pampered in the serene environment of the spa, and relax with the resort’s down-to-earth service and facilities. 

7. One of The Most Friendly People In The World

A fisherman with his warm smile in Hoi An

One of the most genuine and kindest people is the coastal people. Traveling the coastline in Vietnam, every day you meet hospitable people who give you warm smiles and are willing to help. You can stop by any house, asking for a sip of water or rest and you will know that you are welcome like a friend who has just returned from afar.


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