Koh Samet

Further to East of Pattaya lies the coastal town of Rayong, and just offshore, one of themost beautiful islands in all of Thailand, Koh Samet. Samet’s beaches are perhaps the best you will find anywhere: pristine and perfect toothpaste white sand beaches that seem to hurt your eyes if you don’t wear your sunglasses, where the sand is so fine that it squeaks when you walk in it (like freshly fallen powdery snow), bordered by swaying coconut palms and lapped by crystal clear turquoise waters… paradise! Although the island becomes more and more popular, it still keep its amazing beaches unspoiled, fresh and attractive as it used to be. Warm all day longs with clear sky, sunlight and breeze, the weather is guaranteed to be pleasant with anybody at almost any time of year. Samet gets busy with locals at weekends and on Thailand Public Holidays, but when the crowds are back at work, you will have paradise virtually to yourself!