Hong Kong

A combination of a major commercial centers of Asia, a vibrant cultural scene, Hong Kong never lose its charm as one of the most visited destinations of the continent. This fabulous city of skyscrapers, exquisite culinary and traditions will excite you whether it is your first visit or your 10th. Get in and get out You don’t have to be worry of how to get to Hong Kong as the city is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world. Direct flights are widely available from and to Hong Kong Get around Thanks to the excellent public transport system of the city, you will never be one hour away from your hotel. Plus, major attractions around Hong Kong all require a short transfer. Climate Characterized by a typical sub-tropical climate, Hong Kong has a long, hot and humid summer but a very mild and cool winter thanks to sea breezes. In comparison to many other countries in Northern Hemisphere, Hong Kong has a very warm Christmas. The best time to visit Hong Kong is Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to early December). Both seasons have the average temperature fluctuating between 21-24°C. However, autumn is more comfortable as it is not as humid and rainy as spring. Highlights Victoria Harbor The stunning skyline of the Victoria Harbor has become world-famous, both day and night. If you want the best view of this glittering panorama, get to the Peak Tower on top of Victoria Peak or the promenade of Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side of the river. Cuisine There are very few other places in Asia, if any can surpass Hong Kong in terms of how many cuisines you can experience in only one destination. Some even name Hong Kong as Asia’s top culinary capital. In fact, it is home to many celebrity chefs. The city features the finest of Asian culinary, from Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or European. Here you don’t have to travel far to explore global culinary. Shopping Hong Kong is a paradise for shopaholics, there’s no doubt about that. Brands have to pay big money to have their name appearing here. You can head for the big shopping malls scattered around the city center or dive into the endless bargain markets. And it’s not just all about clothing. You can find antiques, artworks, tech gadgets, cameras, gems and jewelries, watches, leather goods and luggage at a much lower cost than in Europe or America. Big Buddha Completed in 1993, the gigantic bronze statue of Buddha symbolizes the great cultural significance of Hong Kong as well as the harmonious relationship between people and faith, man and nature. It is no doubt that the Big Buddha is a must-visit tourist attraction in Hong Kong. Beaches As said before, Hong Kong captivates so many travelers every year not just because of the buzzing city center. The whole area has some fine beaches which can be easily reached from your hotel. If you are a real beach lover, spend some time at the beautiful Lantau Island and open yourself up to the tranquil countryside, the fishing villages, some secluded beaches, monasteries, not to mention that lots of other activities are available such as hiking, fishing and mountain biking.

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