Denpasar, the capital of Bali, serves as a gateway to Bali's southern beaches and nearby attractions, where tradition meets modernity in a dynamic urban setting. In Denpasar's bustling markets, like Pasar Badung, vibrant colors and local flavors come to life, providing an authentic glimpse into daily Balinese life. Culinary experiences cover a diverse range from traditional warungs to chic international eateries. The city seamlessly marries the sacred with the secular, cultural richness with contemporary energy; with ornate temples like Pura Jagatnatha coexisting alongside modern shopping districts. You can also visit the Puputan Square memorializing the historic mass ritual suicide (puputan) of Badung’s royalty during Dutch Intervention in 1906 and Bajra Sandhi Monument dedicated to the struggles of Balinese people throughout history.

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