Traditional Ao Dai - New Trend for Vietnam Wedding Dress

30 Sep, 2016 | Travel Blog

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For a long time, ‘ao dai’ has ingrained into the minds of the Vietnamese people and become a unique symbol of Vietnamese women. Today, the brides who love classic beauty or wedding ceremony in traditional style will choose ‘ao dai’ as an indispensable Vietnam wedding dress. ‘Ao dai’ with discreet design makes graceful and elegant beauty for Vietnamese brides.  With the development of the modern world, the traditional wedding ‘ao dai’ is renovated but remains the most basic features. Let’s consult the following kinds of ‘ao dai’:

1. Traditional wedding ‘ao dai’

Traditional wedding ‘ao dai’ is the costume appearing much in the betrothal ceremony. Its advantage is discreet and in accordance with stature and complexion, especially for the brides who like discreet and gentle beauty. With traditional styles, ‘ao dai’ is emphasized by embroidery, flowers, and beads, attaching plastic stones fussily on the chest and body of clothing. ‘Mấn’ is an indispensable accessory which helps the bride be taller.

Vietnamese wedding dress

Traditional ‘ao dai’ is made of voile combined with attaching colorful plastic stones, which makes exquisite beauty and outstanding for the bride. ‘Mấn’ is as the same color and the same style with ‘ao dai’, which is graceful beauty. ‘Ao dai’ embroidered the image of phoenixes quite fussily stretching from the chest to the end of the body of ‘ao dai’. It brings regal beauty, elegance and nobility for the bride. Whether Vietnam wedding dress or ‘ao dai’ for wedding, white is the most favorite color for many brides. With a white background, any highlights or the attaching stones also become extremely prominent and eye-catching.

2. Short-sleeved wedding ‘ao dai’

While traditional ‘ao dai’ appears much in the betrothal ceremony, renewed ‘ao dai’ with short sleeves is often preferred in the wedding banquet or wedding photography. Short-sleeved ‘ao dai’ not only brings modern beauty and shows the beauty of bare arms but also helps the bride move comfortably.


Innovated ‘ao dai’ with shorter sleeves with a long bridal veil helps the bride look more slender and taller. Short sleeved ‘ao dai’ is suitable for the girl with white and smooth skin, so choose the color of ‘ao dai’ can make the bride outstanding. Ao dai’ with the voile upper part of the body in combination with attaching stone makes extremely glamorous look while the flat of ‘ao dai’ slightly rounded spreading brings lovely beauty.

3. Lace – sleeved wedding ‘ao dai’

If the bride is not confident enough to show her bare arms, long lace sleeves will be an ideal choice because they can "both show off and cover", which makes the bride more confident. Moreover, the lace material is certainly chosen in this 2015.


The bride can choose a traditional red ‘ao dai’ with lace sleeves help her more striking and attractive. The bride can also choose a completely innovative upper body of the ‘ao dai’ as an overcoat.

4. Wedding ‘ao dai’ with wide-spreading lap of dress

Wedding ‘ao dai’ with wide-spreading lap of dress is renovated in more details, so it looks like a wedding dress. It will be one of fashion this year by its elegance and modernity.


Red ‘ao dai’ with golden phoenix shape, especially the pleated lap of dress wide spreading like the phoenix tail makes the bride more prominent.


The ‘ao dai’ is the perfect combination of two white – red colors. It is both elegant and outstanding; moreover, it is a combination of pure and luck. This ‘ao dai’ brings beauty of modern and tradition for brides.

red aodai

The bride who is fond of a faithful purple will be certainly fascinated ‘ao dai’ whose lap of the dress is sparkle rounded spreading attached stones. It brings more gentleness, gracefulness, and romance for the bride.

5. Wedding ‘ao dai’ with stylized collar

Unlike traditional ‘ao dai’ with a vintage collar, collar-stylized wedding ‘ao dai’ is more open for the bride to feel more comfortable or show off other parts such as her slender neck and her shoulder.

Ao dai

Red ‘ao dai’ - a brilliant beauty with gaudy phoenix shape and gold lame on sleeves and collar whose collar is designed V- line slightly wider, which shows sexy collar bone.


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