Top 5 vegan friendly hotels in South East Asia

30 Oct, 2019 | Travel Blog

Nowadays, “maintaining a vegan lifestyle while you're away from home” or also known as the term “vegan travel” is becoming a common practice to a lot of travellers worldwide. With the significant increase of vegan hotels, you might find it tricky to find a decent one since you have to go through tons of options. If you are paying a visit to South East Asia, save yourself some time doing crazy research and check out this list of 5 vegan friendly hotels that  are sure to meet your expectations.

Six Senses Con Dao -Vietnam

Located on the little Con Son island of Con Dao archipelago, Six Senses Con Dao is an ideal 5-star hotel for nature lovers. Used to be a part of the national park, the Six Senses Con Dao offers its guests a tender experience with serene landscapes, pristine turquoise beaches alongside a variety of healthy activities, not to mention a wide range of mouth-watering foods which is not only beautiful but also flavorful.

This high-end resort is set in a protected national and marine park, providing a truly breathtaking view

For a change of taste, visitors can have some stunning vegan-friendly meals while staying in Six Senses. Take a chance and go for a delightful lunch or a superb dinner in “By the Beach” restaurant and you will be amazed. Whether it’s Western vegan food or Vietnamese traditional vegan dishes, all are executed beautifully under the hands of chef Daniel Woodbridge. 

Admire the sunset from the Splash Bar

To take it a step further, book yourself an “Evening by the Kitchen” and undergo extraordinary bespoke dining where stands privacy, uniqueness, and art. Enjoy an intimate dinner and watch chef Daniel cooks your favorite dishes, it’s indulgence and joy in the same context.

Ariyasom Villa – Thailand

Built-in 1941, the Ariyasom Villa is a family-owned hotel that lies in the heart of Bangkok. With lush greenery embracing the whole facility and a large swimming pool, the hotel is well known to be a little oasis among the bustle and hustle of Bangkok. 

However, it’s not just about the look, the hotel also impresses visitors with its exceptional vegan restaurant – Na Aroon. As an AWARD WINNING VEGETARIAN restaurant in Bangkok, the meat-excluded menu here is an absolute treat for anyone who wants to have a healthy, tasty, and organic type of meal. Featuring both Thai and Western dishes, Na Aroon wishes to bring back a diverse and delicious culinary experience which they really did. From homemade lasagna and ravioli to Mee Grob (caramelized crispy rice noodle) and Nam Prik Ong (Thai Chili Dip), all the dishes taste as good as they look. If you happen to be around Sukhumvit Soi 1, check out Na Aroon restaurant for an authentic experience.

Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel - Cambodia

Known as the gateway to the majestic Angkor Wat, Siem Reap attracts a huge amount of tourists from all over the world. And for those vegan nomads who are looking for a vegan friendly hotel in this city, Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel is the place. 

Owned by an Australian who is also a vegan, the hotel offers delicious vegan burgers, tasty spring rolls, and scrumptious “fish” and chips as the hotel’s specialty. Vegan cooking classes are also available, giving you an in-depth experience of Cambodian cuisine and a 3-hour of joyful moments with chef Hoya. 

Besides the flavorful vegan meals, the hotel’s staff are incredibly attentive and helpful. Not simply meeting your needs in the hotel, these friendly people also help you with your excursion and your local experience. Visiting the Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, guests will likely have a homelike vibe, delivered to them by the delicious meals, thoughtful staff, and eco-friendly atmosphere.

Puri Ganesha - Bali

Away from the touristy South of Bali, Puri Ganesha is an ideal hideaway that elevates all of your senses. Nestled between the lush treelines and untouched beach with only four exquisite villas, everything that you experience at Puri Ganesha is somewhat gentle yet hard to forget. 

Apart from spending time on the beach and enjoying a starry night in the private pool, gourmet dining at the beach gazebo is a remarkable experience that should not be missed. Designed by Diana von Cranach – the owner of the hotel, who is also a leading authority on raw food, a vegan menu with pure organic ingredients is available, especially for vegetarians. Just imagine a romantic dinner on the beach by torchlight, divinely delicious food and fine wine. It couldn’t get any dreamier.

Soneva Kiri Koh Kood -Thailand

Despite being the fourth largest island in Thailand, Koh Kood is a pristine island and a refuge from nightlife and noise. For people who want to rest their soul, head to the island’s North Beach and stay at Soneva Kiri resort for a relaxing SLOW LIFE holiday. 

With the SLOW stands for Sustainable, Local, Organic, and Wellness, Soneva Kiri offers their guests a luxury type of vegan lifestyle. Providing an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes, a vegan culinary extravaganza is what you can expect from this resort. At Benz’s Restaurant, you can delve into the tasty Thai cuisine and savor a delightful multi-course meal that changes nightly. 

Nonetheless, what makes this classy resort special are its unique parlors: So Chilled and So Chocoholic. While So Chilled is an endless supply of ice cream, So Chocoholic is a “Willy Wonka” chocolate buffet for all the chocolate lovers. Delicious and satisfying, however, Soneva Kiri is not just about healthy food. Having an environment-friendly design that blends well with the natural surroundings, the resort provides unparalleled privacy and relaxing moments. Conjures up a sense of tranquility, alongside lots of healthy activities, Soneva Kiri is a place where you would wake up with yoga rather than a hangover.

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