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Top 5 Reasons For Visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the “photographers’ paradise”, is absolutely the perfect destination to visit as so many places remain pristine and untouched by massive tourism. What are the reasons for visiting Sri Lanka? What to do to make your journey unique? You surely find the keys in our list below!

1. Friendly and easy-going people

Stunning landscapes, impressive temples, hustling cities or quiet small villages attract you whenever you visit. At least, the locals are always my most unforgettable experience! Here in Sri Lanka, people have ready smiles and welcome you warmly with a lovely question such as “Do you like my lovely Sri Lanka?” they are usually in an air of genuineness. Not surprisingly, Sri Lanka is a multi-cultural country with a wide range of religions, ethics and communities resulted from immigrants. You will find that Sri Lankan is very hospitable and take pride in inviting you to their houses in the most modest they may be. One of the best things in Sri Lanka is that you can just walk down the street and say hello to any strangers or locals passing by. Don’t consider it a silly action. It is actually a simple lifestyle in Sri Lanka.

2. Alluring beaches

As an island nation, no doubt that Sri Lanka is beach paradise. The long golden ones or the pristine white sandy ones, the wave-battered ones or the calm ones, you find every “mood” and “appearance” of the Sea. And it is definitely as gorgeous as your expectations of beach heaven. So, what are the typical features that make a new Island more enchanting in the eyes of travelers? Actually, among them is relaxation in the ideal pristine beach. You are pampered by the vivid noise of crashing waves into small cliffs. Exciting activities help you enjoy the exquisite beauty of Sri Lanka beaches. Simply, stroll slowly along the beach at sunrise, laze in the glow of twilights and go fishing at sunset. Or watch spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya and blue whales off the coast in Mirissa, windsurf at different levels through rough waters in Ahangama and watch turtle’s hatchery in their natural habits. Not only the charming beaches but also these exclusive experiences make you eager to come here again and again. Renowned for its golden sand beach, Unawatuna is among the noisiest beaches in Sri Lanka with glorious restaurants and hotels.


The beautiful view from the beach resort

The tranquil south and east beaches are untouched on tourism purpose, so it keeps the best genuine sceneries with the lifestyle of fishing villages or never-ending ranges of things to explore. The rhythmic daily life of fishermen is actually surprised you as the sun is moving over the horizon. No doubt that this stunning sight is absolutely one of the reasons for visiting Sri Lanka!

3. Ancient temples and ruins

Which country makes you impress of huge temples and ruins? Cambodia, Myanmar or Thailand? Of course, Sri Lanka is no exception. Don’t forget that Sri Lanka is also home to impressive temples as well as religious places. Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu heritage of thousand years can be seen in old temples such as Anuradhapura complex and the Sacred City of Kandy with the golden-roof Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.


The Lion's Rock

Bike through the ruins of Polonnaruwa with the exceptional views of Sri Lanka’s primitive capital dated from 11th century A.D. You also have chances to watch the massive solitary rock plateau above 1000 foot from the surrounding plains in Lion’s Rock. Sigiriya Rock in the central Matale District of Sri Lanka, among intriguing Sri Lanka destinations, is one of the must-sees. An old rock fortress and palace ruin compassed by the remains of a large network of gardens and other structures as well. Take 1200 steps to put your footprints on the top and feel like you have conquered the imposing nature.

4. Multifarious wildlife

Particularly for nature lovers, the diversified wildlife in Sri Lanka is not less attractive than the wild continent of Africa. There are 14 national parks and protected areas as well as national reserves with 91 mammals such as leopard, sloth bear, hog, wild boar, civet cat, etc. When coming to Pinnawela elephant orphanage, you see many baby elephants, blind one and one crippled. Many of them have patches with no skin color on their ears, face, trunk, and belly. Seeing this large herb of these behemoths is a great experience. Sri Lanka provides a high degree of biodiversity. That is one of the reasons for visiting this amazing country!


The lovely natural wildlife

5. Unique food

It is said that Food is our common ground, a universal experience. Actually, this universal experience will definitely be found in gastronomic of Sri Lanka. Being asked the reasons for visiting Sri Lanka, tasty food must be the popular answer of travelers. During any time of travel, you can try a number of local food such as Kiribath (milk rice with banana), Malu ambulthiyal (sour fish curry) and Lamprais (rice and curries wrapped together in a banana leaf). Not to be affected much by the neighbor countries such as Thailand and India, curry in Sri Lanka still keeps it own distinctiveness. You can choose a white curry with coconut milk as the main ingredient, a black one with dark roasted spices and the red one with a lot of chilies. Trying the dessert including buffalo curd eaten with palm—honey is extremely excellent for a trip. Everything is bursting with flavor.


Sri Lanka's distinctive cuisine

Sri Lanka, a green tea country, offers you a special cup of tea that is very different from China or Thailand. Called “milk tea”, this normal tea is a great mixture of milk, sugar, and tea. Whereas, “Bed tea” is just ordinary tea for breakfast. No word can describe this unique taste of tea in this country. And nothing better than enjoy it in your Sri Lanka luxury travel.

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