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Matale (sometimes written as Mathale) is a regional city nested in the central hills at the heart of Sri Lanka. The surrounding mountain ranges make Matale a bounty of nature’s abundance with fertile valley and greeny plantation. While in the main town, it’s a breeze to take a sightseeing tour to visit the main temples and houses of authorities, if you follow the road heading north, there are great chances to experience the breathtaking sites of spice plantations. Three kilometers away from Matale town is the famed Aluviharaya Rock Temple, where monastic caves with reclining Buddha and stupas pouch between boulders and cliffs. Matale truly is a destination of untouched nature, providing guests exotic travel experiences in stunning waterfalls, lakes, and mountains. Some of the highlights are Pitawala Pathana, Sera Ella waterfall, Sembuwatta Lake, and Wasgamuwa National Park.  

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