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Top Interesting Things To Do In Hoi An

Hoi An seems to favourite destination tourists. Let's see interesting things to do in Hoi An to have a great journey.

 1. Enjoy a cup of coffee in an open and quiet space 

In a early morning or on a sunny midday, sitting in any cafés in Hoi An is great. Each cafe shop is designed in its own style. If you want to see the Hoai River, select the cafés are located on Bach Dang Street. If you want to see the flow of tourists coming from different countries go on the busy street, you sit under a flower canopy on Tran Phu Street.

If you like a quieter atmosphere, stop at the corner of Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Moreover, if you want to mingle with the crowd of locals, get into the small alleys to find the cafés. Get rid of all the worries and spend hours every day enjoying a cup of coffee. Do not take a laptop or other electronics, instead, bring a book or a music player. You can also take part in a Hoi An food tour to make your journey becomes more wonderful.

 2. Ride a bicycle around Hoi An 

Summer in Hoi An is very pleasant in the morning and afternoon. It is too sunny and the wind is cool. You can roam by bicycle through the small streets of the ancient town, wander along the Thu Bon River, follow farmers come to Tra Que vegetable village or go to Cua Dai beach or Bai Bang to bathe.

things to do in Hoi an

A tourist is riding a bicycle.

There are many alleys in the old town of Hoi An, which creates beautiful green alleys. You can discover numerous interesting things such as a good café, a chicken rice stall, a hotel and an old moss temple. With a camera in hand, spend an afternoon to enjoy new things.

things to do in Hoi an

Wandering in alleys with a camera is really great. 

 3. Release the coloured lanterns in "Lantern Night " on the full moon nights

Hoi an-vietnam

A romantic activity attracting a lot of visitors is that the colourful lanterns are released on a short stretch of the river near Cam Hoi Bridge and Bridge Temple. From here, you also come to the other side of town in order to walk around the night market selling lots of paper lamps with a variety of styles and a lot of souvenirs. This neighbourhood has a lot of restaurants and bustling night food streets.

 4. Enjoy romantic music on the boat

The night was late, you can take a look at a restaurant at bridgehead of Cam Hoi to see the moon, drink beer and listen to folk artists’sweet songs praising the life and the love. If you know to play music, let play music and sing together. The night atmosphere is interesting with the sound of guitars and the singing on the flowing river. Go lightly, say softly and smile charmingly to enjoy a night full of deep rhythms.

things to do in Hoi an

Music on a boat in Hoi An


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