A Short Travel Guide to Ngapali Beach

15 Dec, 2016 | Travel Blog

What do you expect while traveling in Myanmar? Myriad temples in every step on this magical land, an incredible variety of ethnic groups, unique cuisine, spectacular hill treks. But to many people, the name “Myanmar” just doesn’t lead to beaches. This country is obviously not famous as a beach destination but in fact, with thousands of kilometers of coastlines facing the emerald Andaman Sea, there are plenty of beautiful places to dive into the ocean and have a BBQ dinner by the sea. Today, we will give you some tips and advice for traveling to Ngapali, the most popular beach destination in Myanmar.

Some experienced travelers claim that Ngapali Beach reminds them of the islands of Southern Thailand about 2 or 3 decades ago. The common scene you will see in Ngapali is a long and pristine stretch of white sands fringed by thick lines of palm trees and local fishing families doing their daily jobs not far off the coastline.

How To Get To Ngapali?

Considering Myanmar is a very wide country, it would be very difficult to get to Ngapali as it belongs to the western border of Myanmar. Whether you are in Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, or Mandalay, driving to Ngapali would take at least the whole day. So most travelers will choose to fly. The nearest airport, Thandwe is even closer to Ngapali than the town of Thandwe itself.

Where To Stay?

1. Ngapali Bay Villa & Spa

This outstanding Ngapali Resort is a premier place to stay for luxury travelers coming here. Enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the fabulous Andaman Sea. Each and every villa are oceanfront, spacious (at least 55 square meters), and feature floor-to-ceiling windows so you feel closer to the sea. Some even have a private pavilion and private plunge pools for an enchanting experience.

2. Sandoway Resort

The Sandoway Resort is one of the first properties to operate in Ngapali, in 1999, when the destination was still undiscovered and even unknown to most foreigners. Almost 2 decades after its opening, Sandoway is still able to keep its warm hospitality spirit and remains one of the best beach resorts in Myanmar.

3. Amata Resort & Spa

Ngapali Beach

Amata Ngapali Beach Resort’s design is inspired by the traditional houses of the fishing families in Mya Pyin Village nearby. The whole resort blends seamlessly with the lush foliage and the picturesque surroundings. The resort provides arguably the most luxurious accommodations of all Ngapali.

4. Amara Ocean Resort

The Amara Ocean Resort enjoys a fantastic location, with all private bungalows facing the Andaman Sea and the great Rakhine mountains in the background. Separated by tropical greenery, 26 bungalows of the resort provide ultimate privacy and fine comfort.

Best Time To Go?

Please keep in mind that almost every hotels and resort in Ngapali are closed in the monsoon season (from May to September), there are hardly any incoming flights at Thandwe Airport. That’s why this is also known as the closed season of Ngapali.

Other times of the year (October to April), Ngapali welcomes back travelers from all around the world with sunshine and warm ocean breeze. The peak season in Ngapali (much like in Myanmar), is Christmas and New Year. If you’d like to travel to Ngapali during this time, it’s better to book months in advance.

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