Latest entry regulations for foreign travelers to Southeast Asia

07 Apr, 2022 | Travel Blog

Read a full update of entry regulations for foreign travelers to Southeast Asia (As of August 2022)

April is not just when many places on Earth thaw after winter and nature starts to burst into bloom, but also when some countries in Southeast Asia start to welcome international tourists again. Among all of them, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Bali have always been our top tourist havens, which lure visitors with their natural beauty as well as cultural diversity. These countries are ready for you to set off for another adventure by rolling back Covid-19 restrictions and easing regulations on entry for tourists as follows:

--Updated on August 11, 2022--


As of June 17, 2022, Thailand’s Centre of COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) announced the removal of the Thailand Pass registration scheme and an US$10,000 health insurance requirement for foreign visitors, effective July 1, 2022. 
From July 1, 2022, to enter Thailand, all foreign tourists must only show proof of either a certificate of vaccination or a negative RT-PCR or professional ATK test result within 72 hours of travel (in print or digital format). Random checks will be made on arrivals at Thailand’s international airports or land border checkpoints. Besides, a valid passport, or a border pass for arrivals via border checkpoints is also required.
- Travel Insurance will not be mandatory but it is highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance when you travel to Thailand.


On May 13, 2022, Vietnam announced to temporarily ease the requirements on entry for foreign travelers. All visitors (regardless of vaccination status) are not required to have a negative SARS-CoV-2 virus test result before entering Vietnam. After arrival, they also do not have to make a health declaration anymore. Vietnam is more than ready to welcome tourists back again.

But international travellers still have to followl local health and immigration regulations, which include:

- Download and use Vietnam's COVID-19 mobile application (PC-COVID) while in Vietnam;
- Travel insurance that covers COVID-19 treatment with a minimum coverage of USD 10,000; 
- Monitor health for 10 days after entry and report to local health authorities if COVID-19 symptoms arise.

Vietnam is always in the bucket-list of almost every traveler when they think about Asia

Bali, Indonesia:

International travelers to Bali must follow the entry conditions below:

- As of June 16 2022, a COVID-19 test or proof of COVID-19 medical insurance are no longer required to travel to Bali. However, you must be vaccinated with at least 2 COVID-19 vaccine doses, and the 2nd vaccination must have been given at least 14 days prior to departure.
- If you have had your 3rd booster or more you do not need a PCR or Antigen test.If you have had on the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine you must have a negative PCR tests ( 3x24 hours)  prior to their departure.
- International travelers 0 – 17 DO NOT require to show COVID-19 Vaccination proof.
- A COVID-19 recovery certificate. But if you have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 a maximum of 30 days before departure, you will have to show a COVID-19 recovery certificate stating that the person concerned is no longer actively transmitting COVID-19 and a vaccination of a minium of one dose. (As of July 11, 2022)
- Download Peduli Lindungi APP.
- Register e-CD (Electronic Custom Declaration).


Laos is reopening its borders for vaccinated travelers without any testing requirements. From May 09, all you need is a vaccination certificate to enter Laos. And if you are not fully vaccinated, a Rapid Antigen Test (ATK) at least 48 hours prior to departure is all required upon arrival.

For further information about the countries’ entry regulations and travel restrictions, feel free to contact our travel experts.

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