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Interesting Things To Do in Saigon - Vietnam

Wandering to take photos, watching the whole haughty city from the height, etc... Interesting things to do in Saigon are the exciting experiences for those who come to Saigon.

1.    Enjoying street snacks

In various choices of foods and drinks from expensive to cheap, you are surely indispensable for very cheap street snacks. If you are a fan of fried foods, you definitely can not miss "paradise" of the fries on Huu Khanh Luong Street (District 1). With cheap prices, you have a plate of fried yellow, delicious and greasy food which you can not refuse. At alley 51 Cao Thang (District 3), you can enjoy a variety of foods such as tamarind-fried duck eggs, fried fish balls, spaghetti ... On Nguyen Kim (District 5), you will be disturbed by the stalls from mixed girdle cakes, roasted girdle cakes, soup of crab and pig brain, pha lau, etc ...

2. Sipping pavement coffee in the early morning

In Hanoi, many people enjoy walking around Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning to make the most of the cool and fresh air, while in Saigon, you should sip pavement coffee to see the bustle of the city. Watching people hurry, listening to worldly matters, reading some newspapers or chatting with friends are always fun things to do in Saigon - Vietnam.

Sipping pavement coffee

3. Taking photographs of “small alleys, small streets.”

You can take photographs of famous sightseeing like Notre Dame Basilica, Starlight Bridge, Reunification Palace, etc… In addition, beautiful cafes are also choices for you such as Café of Flower Attic at 92 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, ID Café at 34 Thu Khoa Huan Street or Catina Café at 151 Dong Khoi Street, etc… So, in Saigon, there are a variety of places for you to save the moments of the youth and full-day life with passion.

4. Chatting at platform café

The capital of Hanoi is famous for the phrase "lemon tea and chatting" on the streets. However, in Saigon, it is not lemon tea but the platform coffee. Notre Dame Cathedral is an ideal place for sipping a cup of the platform coffee. You can chat with your friends about all things in the life and enjoy the fresh atmosphere and see beautiful views.

5. Window shopping in luxurious commercial centers

How funny it sounds! Sometimes, to help yourself more interested, you just need to dress well and go for window-shopping. It is not necessary to buy expensive items, but just satisfy your taste for shopping at the commercial centers, which make you enough happy.

A luxurious commercial center

6. Buying gifts from Saigon

The local drinks like G7 coffee are very popular. Besides, dried fruits such as mangoes, potatoes, jackfruits and lotus seeds ... are suitable to buy as gifts for family and relatives. Especially, buying clothes in Saigon, you can enjoy bargain until getting the affordable price for you.

7. Riding motorbike around Saigon by night

The last thing to do in Saigon - Vietnam is riding a motorbike around Saigon streets by night. Unlike Saigon at noon is always hot, Saigon at night becomes cool and shimmering by the lights. Therefore, many Saigon people go everywhere in Saigon by motorbike to explore the beauty of Saigon which is different from in the daytime and enjoy animated nightlife of this magnificent city.


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