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13 Dec, 2016 | Amazing Bite

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From early mornings to late nights, Bangkok street food experiences always bring you an unforgettable time for both cuisine and Thai culture. Although many people come to Thailand for the sunny beaches, noisy nightlife, or the heaven of shopping; Bangkok street food has a stand-in their mind as a must-do. Your nose leads your eyes through the bustling and bustling streets of Bangkok to discover some exclusive tastes. Let’s find some popular ones in our list below, based on Exotic Voyages travel experts’ recommendations:

1. Green papaya salad 

Listed one of the most popular street foods in Bangkok, Som Tam – the fresh slice of papaya salad with tamarind, garlic, chilies, peanuts, accompanied with fish sauce. You can enjoy it with the cooked shrimp or salted crab and a bowl of sticky rice. It is especially loved by Thai women thanks to its low calories and fat.

Where to get: Somtum Der Restaurant, 5/5 Sala Daeng Road, Silom

2. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is obviously the most recognized Thai dish throughout the world. From the campaign “Enjoy Thai Food, Use Thai Products”, Pad Thai was invented to make use of the local materials and recently becomes a national Thai dish. Pad Thai is the Thai style noodle wrapped with fried egg and shrimp, together with fish sauce, chili powder, peanuts, fennel, and palm sugar. Not only to enjoy can you also observe the process to make it. They use charcoal fire to fry the Pad Thai, like the people make Bun Cha in Vietnam. Coconut juice and orange juice are two familiar drinks while enjoying Pad Thai.

Where to get: Thip Samai, 313 Th Maha Chai, Banglamphu

3. Sticky Rice with Mango

Wandering the streets, you find some stalls offering this simple yet delicious dessert. Sweet sticky rice mingles with slices of mango, called “Khao Niew Ma Muang” in Thai. The combination between sticky rice and mango is unbelievable for those never sample this dish. But, trust me, try it and you will be addicted with this kind of tasteful savory dishes. You won’t be disappointed in your Bangkok street food experiences! The fresh mango, the sweet coconut together with the soft rice is unusual but perfect mixture which persuades your curiosity of Thailand foods.

Where to get: Mae Varee Fruit Shop, 1 Soi Thong Lor Rd. Sukumvit 55 Klongtunnua Wattana Bangkok 10110

4. Crispy Pancake

Traditional Thai Crispy Pancake also known as Khanom Bueang in Thai, is made from rice flavor and topped with coconut cream and strands of sweetened egg yolk. It is also the favorite food of teenagers after school time.

Where to get: MBK level 4, Pratunam, Platinium Mall, Chatuchak, Central World

5. Deep-Fried Bananas

The bananas are covered by coconut powder and sesame seeds and then fried until its golden brown color. It is crispy outside but remains soft and sweet of bananas inside.  One typical sight you can see in the Bangkok streets is the masked men holding the deep fried bananas to sell for the passengers on cars. The reason why they are called masked men is, they have to wear masks or handkerchief to protect themselves from the car fumes. For sure, it will impress every moment in your Thailand luxury travel.

Where to get: Anywhere in the streets from vendors

6. Sausages

This tasty Thai sausage (Sai Oua) is found everywhere in Bangkok, both local markets and restaurants. The features of this dish are the sour of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, the heat of chilies, and of course the all-important kick from galangal (ginger). Prepared in spiral lengths and sold at most street sides and markets.

Where to get: Bangkok Sausage House, Ananda Sportlife, Bangplee, Samutprakarn Thailand 10540

7. Grilled Salt-Coated Fish

Perhaps the two dips are for the fish flesh is flavorful enough for you. Get it with a side order of sticky rice and a papaya salad. It was covered with sea salt and wheat flour on the outer layer of the skin then grilled over a charcoal fire. If you are the person who doesn’t like to eat fish, you completely think again after trying Grilled Salt-Coated Fish. The sweet flavor combined with the fragrance of herbs breaks your craving anytime! Whenever you pick on your Bangkok street food experiences, grilled salt-coated fish always appear in your mind.

Where to get: On Nut Night Market, 50 Soi Rd. Bangkok

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