9 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs At Least One Solo Travel in Their Lifetime

22 Aug, 2019 | Travel Blog

When you’re home, you have an abundant source of advice from professors, family, and friends as well. But in the end, the person driving the things called life is no one else but you. Therefore, if you are asking yourself who you are and what you will do with your life, it’s time to consider to travel solo. Yes, it will push you, check your ego, test your limits, but it will make you realize the meaning of life and how a strong and independent woman you are. 

Spend time being alone. Listen to you. Learn yourself. Value moments. Dream. All those things you can learn from a female solo trip.

1. You experience the great sense of freedom

You experience the great sense of freedom

There's an undeniable sense of freedom that comes from traveling alone. Because it’s your trip, you don’t have to adapt to suit your friends or family members. Enjoy your own company and see the world the way you like. You do what you want when you want. This sense of freedom is a great thing to embrace even when you are home. Because of the privilege that you have experienced, you’ll give yourself more time for the things you love. That is how you actually live a life.

2. You learn the best lessons for life that no one ever told you

You learn the best lessons for life that no one ever told you

You’ll have more time when you travel alone. Time allows you to walk slowly, absorb information carefully, meditate about things and people you encounter with deeply. Everything you meet on your way can be a lesson for life. When a local invites you for lunch, you learn not to underestimate the kindness of strangers. When you travel to Vietnam to see thousands of majestic limestones in Ha Long Bay, and it suddenly rains, you have to satisfy with the blurry UNESCO Heritage Site through the downpour. It’s when you learn that you can’t control everything. That’s a part of the adventure and you just have to be okay with that. 

3. You’re truly being yourself  

You’re truly being yourself

No one knows you when you are thousands of miles away from home. Isn’t it a great opportunity to set yourself free as you always want to? You go to the beach almost every day, walk barefoot, wear your jingle bell anklet, let the salty water wet your hair, wander on the sand, sunburned and burning one down. You enjoy thoroughly every moment you have, not having to worry about anyone or anything. That’s when you realize how much effort you’ve put in for people and work. Now, it’s time to do your soul a favor: Put that effort in you. 

4. You overcome the fear of being alone

You overcome the fear of being alone

Solo traveling isn’t all about vibrant rainbows and colorful butterflies. There are lonesome times. But that’s what fulfills your adventure. You will find out the beauty of loneliness and embrace the feeling of being lonely. Now, you won’t be upset about being alone on Saturday night. You can stay at home, cuddle in bed with your favorite book, or you take yourself out for dinner. It’s not lonely. It’s an awesome opportunity to embrace the feeling of being on your own 

5. You know you better

You know you better

When you’re home, you’re never able to have enough time to think of who you are. But when you’re traveling solo, you have a lot of time to be on your own. Of course, you will meet a lot of people along the way, but most of the time, you only have yourself for company. That’s when you can sit with yourself quietly. You start to get to know yourself better, reflect on things you haven’t thought about for years, ask yourself what makes you truly happy and find out the answers to start living happily. 

6. You look at the world differently

You look at the world differently

For women, traveling solo is a wonderful thing. You have time to reflect and absorb the beauty of the world. You see what is really important in life. When you damage your favorite shoes on a trek, you’ll learn to be able to let small flaws go to see a bigger picture. When you close your eyes and breathe in deeply the fresh air of a beautiful morning, you’ll learn to value emotions and experiences instead of material possessions. You’ll grow to be more accepting as you understand no one is perfect. You understand that, sometimes, it’s not all about majestic views, it’s about enjoying every little moment too. 

7. You learn to appreciate your life

You learn to appreciate your life

If you go to Africa or Southeast Asia, you will see many things that you’ve never seen before. No, I’m not talking about exotic beaches, wild animals, thousand-year history, or rich culture, I’m talking about the local life. In some parts of the world, there are lives that you won’t see every day. A child who has just waved at you is walking 7 miles, through jungles, to go to school. A small house on the mountain that you’ve passed by can be swept away any time in a tropical storm. The woman who has paddled your boat might never step out of her poor village. And 5 dollars you tip a local man is enough to feed his family for a day. Solo traveling is a great opportunity for women to grow up and learn to appreciate the life you are living. Not only it fulfills the traveler, it can help those less fortunate by spending your money on them. 

8. You become a great storyteller

You become a great storyteller

There is a saying, “Your stories are boring because your life is boring.” In many cases, it’s proved to be true. Rich life experience is the key ingredient of great storytelling. And because you have experienced a lot of the world alone, observed more, seen more and pondered more, your life is more interesting. That will certainly make your stories more compelling and unique. You become a great storyteller and a talk with you is never boring!

9. You realize: There is no place like home

You realize: There is no place like home

Returning home from a 15-day trip is always an unparalleled feeling. A home-cooked dinner means so much to you because you’ve missed it for so long. A warm hug and kiss from your mother make you want to cry and regret the arguments you made with her.  You realize that, no matter how many destinations you’ve traveled through, your family is always the best. A luxurious resort can never compare to your cozy house where your parents and siblings are always being there for you and loving you unconditionally. 

Do something different for yourself, girls!

Of course, there’re unsafe places to go. But there will always be unsafe places to go. It doesn’t mean you should stay in your comfort zone and go nowhere. Women are born with amazing intuition and ability to take care of ourselves. Double-check the places, research culture and safety tips before you go. If you need, we already have 7 best (and safest) destinations in Southeast Asia that our female clients said they felt safe wandering around. 

Do something different for yourself. Create a foundation for your independent will. 

Do something different for yourself, girls!

Happy travels and Let us know how you go.

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