5 Hidden-Gem Coffee Shops To Discover In Hanoi

25 Jan, 2023 | Secrets Untold


Hanoi has positioned itself as one of the cities with the most fantastic coffee culture in Vietnam, including a plethora of coffee drinks that will strike you with powerful flavor and a strong aroma. As coffee shops start to sprout in every corner of the city, the options can be overwhelming for first-time visitors. To help you out, we have collected 5 hidden-gem coffee shops that deliver a more private, soothing setting while presenting tantalizing menus that are hard to miss out on your Vietnam trip. Take note of these 5 coffee shops for a moment of peace in the heart of Hanoi.

1. Ban Cong Coffee

Renovated from an old French villa, Ban Cong Coffee inherits historical and meditative traits. The house is about 80 years old and belongs to a famous family in Hanoi's Old Quarter. Many generations have passed, but the house still retains its unique ancient beauty, preserved by the great-grandson - a famous architect. The yellow walls, the wooden stairwell, the glazed-tiled floor ... everything is coated in such a nostalgic hue.

To complement the cafe's aesthetic, the decor has been thoughtfully planned and chosen. All the items are antiques that took the owners a lot of effort to hunt out and collect. Located in the center of the old quarter, the cafe is a perfect place to gaze at the streets, especially when the season has turned to autumn. Sipping a cup of coffee by the balcony window, and watching the flow of people passing by is a must-do when you visit Ban Cong!

Address: 2 Đinh Liet Street

2. Hanoi House Cafe & Cocktail Bar

Hanoi is filled with little surprises and Hanoi House is one of them. This stylishly furnished cafe is also one of the best bars in Hanoi located within a well-preserved colonial home where time has stood still. Hanoi House offers a wide range of exquisite cocktails, but non-drinkers won't feel out of place either because the establishment also serves a variety of juices, teas, and coffee made in the Vietnamese way. For couples seeking more seclusion, the bar's lovely spiral staircase leads to a mezzanine with an intimate, ominous appearance. But make sure to head to the balcony - Hanoi House’s focal point. Enjoy the breathtaking vantage point that view of St. Joseph's Cathedral and the Old Quarter

Entering The Hanoi House Cafe is like feeling the soul of Hanoi: a little nostalgic, a little dreamy, yet no less mesmerizing. When life is moving in a hurry, busy and stuffy, you can rely on Hanoi House to be your comfort zone. Order a signature "Kem Trang Tien" cocktail, observe the scenery by the terrace, and all your worries will ease magically. Deep melodic tracks, sophisticated drinks, stunning church views, and quirky, vintage decor are just a few of the things that make this cafe shimmer in its own light.

Address: 47 Ly Quoc Su Street

3. Hidden Gem Cafe

Hidden in a small alley, Hidden Gem Cafe lives up to its name, yet an unexpectedly spacious space awaits you inside. Coated in a vibrant, colorful spirit, you will be surprised to know that 95% of the decorations, utensils, and furniture are recycled. From tires, bottles, and old sofa sets, to the tractor’s head, all are brilliantly recreated to live up to the cafe’s credo - reduce, reuse & recycle.

Besides recycled items, on the 3rd floor of Hidden Gem Cafe, you will see beautiful mural paintings that recreate familiar corners around Hanoi. A place where you can sit all day and feel at ease in the cool breeze of September. Offering a beverage menu that satisfies all customers, ranging from tea and all the Vietnamese popular coffee drinks to smoothies, Hidden Gem Cafe is also a nice place for some veggie brunch! Visit the cafe and enjoy the good vibes and unique recycled creations!

Address: 3B Hang Tre Street

4. Chốn Cafe

From the adventure quest of actually discovering the route in, to its gorgeous setting on the rooftop, to its coffee specialty, Chốn Manual Coffee Maker is not an ordinary coffee shop. Sit by the counter and be fascinated while watching the "nannies" (as they refer to the bartenders here) create some heavenly coffee concoctions here, all are hand-pressed. CHỐN is famous for its “KOI” and “KAO” coffee. If you select "KOI" coffee, you will receive a mixture of espresso, milk froth, and condensed milk, which is quite a classic. If espresso with cacao, cream, and condensed milk is what you prefer, then go for“KAO”. Whichever option you choose, the result is both incredibly pleasant and affordable.

Address: 40 Nha Chung Street, 36 Ha Hoi Alley

5. Giảng Cafe

It all started when a bartender was looking for a new coffee recipe egg happened to be the substitute when milk was cut short, and the rest is history. Despite being one of the most well-known cafes in the area, Giang holds a strangely peaceful, nostalgic vibe. The coffee shop is a quaint, old-fashioned setting with small wooden stools, antiques placed here and there, and a beautiful skylight. Giảng Coffee offers a place to drink, a pleasant ambiance for conversation, and delicious coffee to savor. It's always time for a coffee in Giảng, regardless of whether it's a wet summer day or a chilly winter night.

Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street

Save this list and mark your Vietnam trip with good coffee, a good vibe, and good experience!


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