10 Most Underrated Destinations In Vietnam

06 Dec, 2016 | Secrets Untold

From the country’s highest plateau yet seldom known by tourists to well-preserved islands were used to be a hell on earth to many Vietnamese during the American War, let’s take a journey through these underrated destinations in Vietnam.

1. Ha Giang

Located 320 kilometers to the north of Hanoi, the remote Ha Giang is one of Vietnam's most beautiful northern mountains. This large mountainous area is also home to various ethnic minorities in Vietnam including Tay, H’Mong, Dao, and Nung. The way of life of the locals here is hardly influenced by the modernization of the whole country. Travelers can have a snapshot of that by visiting the busy Dong Van Market which sells a wide range of local stuff such as peach and plum without seeds, anise, and cinnamon.

The town of Dong Van is also known for the Chinese-style houses, including the house of the man who once reigned over Ha Giang, known as the “Cat King”. These houses are characterized by the yin yang roofs and the iconic red lanterns. But perhaps the most convincing reason to visit Ha Giang is the karst plateau which spreads over 4 districts of the province and is more than 1.500 meters high. It is the first Geopark to be recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam thanks to its large collection of tectonics and geomorphology sites along with sensational sceneries featuring some sheer mountain drops. The spectacular landscape is perhaps at its best when you drive along Ma Pi Leng Pass, which is considered as the King of Vietnam Pass. All in all, if you love trekking and photography; and you adore the distinctive ethnic culture, Ha Giang is a “must” during your Grand Circle Tour of Northern Vietnam. 

2. Y Ty

It is not far from Sapa. It is the highest plateau in Vietnam with an average altitude of over 2.000 meters. Vietnamese travelers coming here often named themselves “cloud chasers” as it is covered by cloud and mists all year round. Y Ty is certainly one of the most unpopular and underrated destinations in Vietnam, not only to foreign travelers but to Vietnamese people in general also. “Cloud chasers” are astonished by the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature’s creation, with the yellow rice terraces hiding below the white moving carpets of cloud and the colossal mountains in the distant background.

Y Ty from above, Vietnam

The town here is mainly occupied by ethnic minorities. One of them, the Ha Nhi people, is famous for its unique mushroom-shaped house which has a 45-centimeter thick wall made of clay. Thanks to it, the Ha Nhi families can keep themselves and their cattle warm from the extreme winter. In fact, there may even be occasional snow in Y Ty. This on-cloud town should be an ideal option for your extreme adventure in Vietnam.

3. Cat Ba

Cat Ba Islands is a great example of an exciting destination, yet being overshadowed by its celebrated neighbor: Ha Long Bay. Despite being one of the most underrated destinations in Vietnam, Cat Ba also has its very own reason to attract travelers.

In fact, if you are looking for a beach destination that includes a great variety of outdoor activities, Cat Ba Islands may even be a better option than Ha Long Bay. And here are the reasons: The Cat Ba National Park is a vivid display of 7 different ecosystems. It is home to 32 types of mammals and 70 bird species. Some of which are endangered of extinction, most notably the golden-headed langur. There are also over a thousand species of plants, including 118 plants and 160 trees with medicinal value. While in the National Park, you can also go hiking up to the mountain summit, explore the multi-chambered Trung Trang Cave or discover the life in the remote minority village of Viet Hai.

And don’t forget that there are also many beach activities in Cat Ba to level with Ha Long Bay such as sailing and kayaking through the maze of over 300 karst islands of Lan Ha Bay; swimming and scuba diving in one of the hundreds of beaches. You can even choose one of these beaches as your private camping site.

Exotic Voyages say: Cat Ba Islands is an excellent choice if you want to extend your trip to Ha Long Bay for some more days that will be full of exciting activities. Our recommendation is to stay at The Au Co, the first and only luxury cruise to offer a full itinerary on a single trip through Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Cat Ba Islands.

4. Ninh Binh

Just under a 2-hour drive from Hanoi, Ninh Binh Province is an emerging destination in Northern Vietnam. More than a decade ago, tourism here is limited to Hoa Lu, the former capital of Vietnam over 1.000 years ago, thus it is only able to attract domestic travelers. But recently, Ninh Binh has seen an increasing number of intriguing tourist attractions as well as fascinating activities.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam from above

You will understand why Ninh Binh is called “Terrestrial Ha Long Bay” once you visit one of these sites: Tam Coc, Van Long Nature Reserve, and Trang An. They indeed resemble the bay in many perspectives except the fact that they feature a sublime landscape of vast limestone mountain cliffs rising above water immersed rice paddies. Ninh Binh is also a perfect picture of the typical wet rice civilization in northern Vietnam. You can get a glimpse of it by a morning bike ride before having a Northern Vietnamese lunch at the local’s house.

Exotic Voyages say: You can still relax and enjoy at night without returning to Hanoi by staying at Emeralda Resort Ninh Binh, the only five star choice of accommodation in Ninh Binh.

5. Quang Binh

The sunny land of Quang Binh was once devastated by the bombings of America during the Vietnam War. Now, the province is still overcoming its toll from the past. Tourism is playing a big part in that, and Quang Binh definitely has a big potential of being one of the major destinations in Vietnam. We will see why.

Phong Nha cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam

There are two main contrast destinations within Quang Binh Province: Dong Hoi and Phong Nha – Ke Bang. Dong Hoi is the county of Quang Binh. Although there are not many attractions within the town, Dong Hoi is less visited by foreigners so you will be greeted with a lot of hellos from the locals. The town also has its own collection of beach resorts. We would like to recommend the Sun Spa Resort which has 234 international standard rooms and suites as well as several restaurants and bars with different themes.

But the main reason why Quang Binh was considered to be one of the most underrated and promising destinations in Vietnam is Phong Nha – Ke Bang. This national park consists of a large area of the untouched jungle throughout a rugged surface and a huge cave system that will definitely be world-famous soon. Despite being two of the most beautiful caves of the world, Thien Duong (Paradise Cave) and Hang En Cave cannot match Phong Nha Cave in terms of size and rooms for expeditions. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is 7.729 meters long, contains 14 grottoes and almost 14 kilometers of an underground river. However, this enormous cave has been lately surpassed by Son Doong Cave. It is the biggest cave on the planet. To make it brief, we can put the whole Manhattan including its skyscrapers inside Son Doong Cave. In the future, Son Doong Cave can be one of the premium places for extreme adventure in the world.  

6. Lang Co

Top Gear fans will recognize it. Jeremy Clarkson and his mates were awe-inspired by the tranquil setting of it. The next stop of our southward journey in Lang Co. This often-omitted beachfront destination is right between the two most famous ancient towns of Vietnam: Hue and Hoi An. The untouched palm-shaded white sand stretching 10 kilometers is an ideal place for a family or couple holidays. All you want to do here is to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Lang Co Beach seen from Hai Van Pass (Image by JumperDomi321 from Pixabay)

Perhaps the best place to let you relish the best of Lang Co is Laguna Complex, the first and largest integrated luxury resort complex in Vietnam. This area consists of two world-class resorts: Banyan Tree Lang Co and Angsana Lang Co as well as an exquisite 18-hole golf course. Laguna Lang Co also provides holidaymakers with an array of indoor and outdoor activities such as archery, volleyball, football, tennis, minicars, mountain bikes, or learning how to make kites or brew tea. Basically, you and your beloved ones just never run out of the fun.

7. Da Nang

Despite being the third biggest city in Vietnam, Danang is still underrated due to its proximity to two of Vietnam’s most popular destinations: Hue and Hoi An. The main reason why most travelers choosing to stay in Danang is its impressive collection of luxury five-star resorts such as the Fusion Maia Danang, Hyatt Regency Danang, Pullman Danang Beach Resort, and the new InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort located in Son Tra Island. And they mainly use the resorts as resting places after a day trip to either Hue to the north of Hoi An to the south. However, the city itself still has a lot to offer for everyone.

The Lighthouse on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang (Image by Dũng Việt from Pixabay)

As one of the most promising cities in Southeast Asia, the Danang skyline today is decorated with modern bridges across the peaceful Han River and numerous skyscrapers erecting from the riverside, most notably the Novotel Premier Han River and the City Administrative Center. A walk along the charming river with your beloved one, followed by a fancy cocktail on the Sky36 of the Novotel while watching the city from up high in the evening will definitely be a highlight of your luxury tours to Vietnam. Danang’s nightlife is also very vibrant so you will not likely get bored after 11 pm like in Hue and Hoi An.

8. Central Highland (Tay Nguyen)

You just cannot miss Central Highland if you really want to get off the beaten track in Vietnam. It is one of the most less-visited if not the least tourism area in Vietnam. The Central Highland is characterized by the distinctive landscapes and the indigenous tribes. Although the mountain sceneries can’t quite match their counterparts in the far north of the country in terms of sheer height, the Central Highland still offers some terrific waterfalls, mist-laden mountains, the iconic longhouses of the ethnic minorities. The best thing is perhaps you will feel to be the only tourist in the land. Blessed with fertile red soils, Central Highland is also famous for its endless fields of silk, rubber, hardwood, and especially coffee. This is also home to Vietnam’s most famous coffee brand: Ca Phe Trung Nguyen or the Coffee of Central Highland.

Envisaged by the French to be a playground in Southern Vietnam, Da Lat (some may refer to as “Le Petit Paris”) is also a great option for travelers who are seeking a romantic getaway, especially honeymooners. Da Lat provides a European-like climate, reminiscing of Sapa in the north. This charming mid-sized city is in surrounded of lush hills covered by pine trees, lakes, and mountain peaks. Activities in the city include city biking, mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, and hiking.

9. Chau Doc

Chau Doc is at the center of Mekong Delta with the adjacent Cambodian border to the West. This is another underrated destination in Vietnam that promises unspoiled natural experiences plus a friendly local community. Once a part of Cambodia, Chau Doc is a blend of Vietnamese, Khmer, and Cham culture. You can explore the town by paying a visit to the unique Cham Village or strolling through one of many indoor markets around here. Chau Doc is a fascinating place should you fancy buying locals goods and souvenirs during your Vietnam tours.

But the most famous attraction here is Mount Sam. 7 kilometers from the town center; this sacred hill is full of temples and pagodas, most notably Tay An Temple whose design is a fusion of Indian and Vietnamese ancient architecture. A one hour hike to the top of the hill will be rewarded with a superb panoramic view of the surroundings. Further, from the town, you can also experience a perfect example of serene wildlife of the Mekong Delta by visiting Tram Su Cajuput Forest and the bird sanctuary nearby. Although the choice of accommodation in Chau Doc is not abundant, the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel will give you some relaxing time at night if you do not wish to return to Saigon in the evening.

10. Con Dao

Once considered the “hell on earth” for the prisoners during the Vietnam War, Con Dao now emerges as a premier beach destination in Vietnam. This chain of 16 islands features a stunning display of natural beauty with forested hills and deserted beaches which is kept untouched until now.  

To enjoy the best out of this premium beach destination, Six Senses Con Dao is an easy choice. This five-star resort provides 50 generously appointed villas, all overlooking the magnificent ocean view. Besides, Six Senses Con Dao offers a wide range of fascinating activities in the island including discovering the history of the island by visiting the prison and museum, exploring the extensive marine life by snorkeling, hiking to the tropical forested hills, trekking to the lighthouse and fishing in the morning on the boat. But perhaps the most exciting thing to do in Con Dao Archipelago is diving. Senses Diving provides full options for both experienced divers and those who are beginners.

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