The Bohemian's Residence

Accessible only by private boats, the Bohemian's Residence distinguishes itself from other properties in the sense that it is neither a luxury resort or glamorous group of villas often found in travel brochures. Booking of the room includes full access to services and other recreational activities since the owner of the residence aspires to offer an exclusive serene oasis for curious visitors to Thailand to explore the true essence of this beautiful country.

Nestled amidst the greenery, each Heritage House or Private Lodge in the property is a unique meticulous artwork of flared-roof tiles, rustic wooden furniture, and glittering chandeliers, all adorned with charming colonial touches. To complement the unique interior, the suites overlook either a revitalizing river and a lush garden of orchids or a calming, spiritual Buddhist temple. Guests can enjoy various activities to their liking, from an idyllic cruise up the river along peaceful banks, guided visits to sacred temples, biking around the village to local food tasting and river pawns fishing. Feel free to further your adventure to Ayutthaya to unearth the old Siamese capital’s past splendor or Sam-Chuk, a UNESCO heritage riverside community for some delightful vibes.







On the bank of Tha Chin River, Ayutthaya, Thailand


Nearby Attractions:

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Local Thai villages, Temples, Ayutthaya, Sam Chuk


There will be transfer included in the package.