Jahan Cruises

The Jahan Cruise is the product of a hopelessly romantic tale. "My story is quite interesting," says the Jahan. Quite the understatement. A love story between a Indian women of bewitching beauty, who fell in love with a British poet. Her family strongly opposed the union, they wished her to marry an Indian aristocrat. She refused to follow the script and they ran away and lived happily ever after on a boat, they named the Jahan. This British-Indian Colonial - themed flagship has all the trappings of a centuries-old marvel. The decor, the colors, the architecture, the carefully chosen paintings and decorative items transport you to a bygone era. The luxury and boutique Jahan has 26 beautifully appointed cabins on two decks, each with private balcony. Two 52sqm individually designed suites with private Jacuzzi showcase the pearls of this vessel. On the terrace deck the Jahan combines a large pool, the Spa, an Observatory Lounge, restaurant and the famous East India Club outdoor bar.





Office location:

33 L? Trung Ngh?a, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam