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We just completed our third trip with Exotic Voyages (2 prior in Vietnam and most recent in Myanmar). Each trip has been beyond our increasing expectations – seamless, well organized, thoughtful and fun. The founding team at Exotic got their start as the local partner for one of the largest and most exclusive US tour companies – that’s how we met them. In our experience, in the countries in which they operate, Exotic Voyages’ standards and sensibilities far exceed the best US operators and do it at a much better value. From the planning phase to the execution of each detail along the way, they never missed a beat. As an example, one of our in-country flights had a mechanical issue and while we were returning to the terminal from the effected plane, Mai (our coordinator at Exotic) had already figured out and rebooked us on an alternative flight – so instead of losing a day in an airport, we got on our way with less than an hour delay. In sum, traveling in their care feels like your visiting a place with a close friend who is anxious for you to have a great time and really understand their home. Though based in Vietnam, their Burmese team was as good as it gets; so their quality is uniform across all markets that they serve.

For reference, we have travelled with them as couple and with our two kids and my in-laws, so they cover the full spectrum.

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TUCK1995Boston, Massachusetts

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