Thailand, also known as The Land of Smiles, is a famous vacation destination in Southeast Asia. Developed enough to provide most comforts meanwhile still wild enough to discover the untouched nature, Thailand is full of amazing activities and experiences. Traveling to Thailand definitely deserves to be in your bucket list, believe me! From a peaceful mountain hideaway in the north to southern Thailand’s islands hopping, I bet that this country won’t disappoint you.

The high season in Thailand takes place between November and early April. Therefore, March would be a perfect month for you to visit Thailand especially to enjoy sun-kissed beaches. Let’s see what needed to keep in mind before you travel to Thailand in March.

First Thing First – WEATHER

This is the most important thing before planning any trip, no exception for Thailand because it will impact all your activities. Fortunately, sunny settled weather is expected throughout Thailand in March due to the cool and dry season. Although rain showers can crop up anywhere, they are usually over quickly.

We summarize the temperatures of some must-visit attractions for you to decide where to go on the table below. Now let’s take a look!

Weather Thailand in March

In Bangkok and Central Thailand, the temperature’s expected to range from mid 20°C to mid 30°C. Don’t underestimate the effects of the heat there, If you’re sensitive to the heat be sure to grab an air-con room when available — you’ll need it. Raindrops remain few and far between.

In southern Thailand, March is the ideal time to enjoy sun-kissed beaches. You will experience sunny weather with beautiful blue skies. It is the favourable condition at sea to visit the surrounding islands as well.

In northern Thailand, we can see haze and smoke pollution in March because Thai farmers burn back the stubble in their fields in preparation for the new planting season. Combined with the hot, dry weather, this means that the Thai countryside isn’t at its picturesque best during the month. This really takes away from the northern Thailand experience and if possible you’re best to avoid this region in March.

What To Do

1. Go islands hopping in southern Thailand : 

If you’re considering when to visit Thailand to hit the beaches, March will definitely the perfect choice for you! Room rates are usually lower and less crowded than in February, but you still get sunny weather and bath-water temperatures offshore. 

Here are some of the best Thai destinations to enjoy beaches in March:

On the Andaman Coast: Phuket, KrabiHua Hin

The trio islands in the Gulf of Thailand: Koh Samui, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh TaoKoh Phi PhiPattaya

Enjoy sun-kissed beaches with sunny weather and blue skies in March

Enjoy sun-kissed beaches with sunny weather and blue skies in March

Go islands hopping in southern Thailand

2. Interesting Events to Keep In Mind

 Makha Bucha

 Makha Bucha

Makha Bucha is one of the 4 most important Theravada Buddhist holidays in Thailand, celebrated on the full moon day of the third lunar month. This day marks an event when Buddha delivered his core teachings called Ovada Patimokkha, summarized as ‘to cease from all evil; to do good deeds; to cleanse one’s mind.’ Apart from giving food to monks in alms bowls which people do every day, Buddhist Thais go make merit at temples. In the evening, there are candlelight processions. People walk around the Ubosot (Ordination Hall) clockwise three times, praying and holding flowers, incenses, and a candle. One interesting thing is that in 2006, the government titled Makha Bucha the ‘Day of Pure Love and Gratitude.’ It was the government’s cultural campaign to reduce the rate of teenage virginity loss on Valentine’s day, which falls on the same month as Makha Bucha.

National Thai Elephant Day

National Thai Elephant Day

The elephant is one of the enduring symbols of Thailand with the Thai elephant (chang Thai) playing an important role in the history and culture of the country. Thailand celebrates its national animal on March 13 with the day designated as National Thai Elephant Day. Various elephant sanctuaries and zoos treat their pachyderms with banquets of fruit and sugar cane to mark the occasion. They also hold Buddhist ceremonies at some locations to wish the elephants and their mahouts good health and good luck.

National Muay Thai Day

National Muay Thai Day

 National Muay Thai Day takes place on March 17. Thai boxing stadiums and gyms around the country lay on special ceremonies for the day. The biggest event is held in Ayutthaya with the city hosting the Martial Arts Festival and Wai Khru Ceremony in honor of the legendary boxer from Ayutthaya, Nai Khanom Tom.

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