If the thoughts of snow, awkward family gathering and the rushing preparation of Christmas make you want to slam the door; then perhaps sneaking away to the sunny tropic region, where all you need to do is relax by the beach or go on an exciting excursion, may help you get better.

Here we will name 5 awe-inspiring destinations for this winter holiday.

Koh Kood island, Thailand

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Sunset and sea at Koh Kood (Ko Kut) Island, Thailand     –     source: spotlight.it-notes.ru

This is the perfect place to unwind, far from the madding crowd, Koh Kood (Kut) is one of Thailand’s more peaceful islands. It lies on the maritime border with Cambodia and is the home to rainforest, coconut and rubber plantations and laid back fishing villages.

With just about 2000 inhabitants, the island is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Soak your feet in the beaches of powder like sand, turquoise blue waters and picturesque bays on the west coast. Largely untouched rainforest occupy the centre of Koh Kood island, while mangroves fringe the rivers. And I highly recommend an exploration 3 enchanting waterfalls that are hidden in the forest.

Bali, Indonesia

 The island’s name is synonymous with “tropical paradise” in most travel guidebooks for decent reasons. The enchanting island of Bali always seems so tranquil, with the flocks of birds that reside at Ubud, the most iconic rice paddies of Sidemen, and unspoiled ocean where the marine life is just brilliant.

With its long history of Hindu and Buddhist influences rooted in local religious practices, the whole island is adorned by beautifully kept temples (pura) and palaces of distinct shapes and styles.


Underwater Hindu Temple in Bali, Indonesia     –     source: http://mavibalirentals.com

Bali has long been a paradise for artists and writers seeking inspiration, which is always abundant, from paintings, photography, gastronomy and art performances. Make sure to take the time to catch some traditional Balinese dancing when you are here.

Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang has an antique beauty with its combination of colonial history, local traditions, delicious food and chilled ambience. This is the town where you come and relax with serenity, especially at the frantic year end.

An undeniable charm of Luang Prabang is its architecture, mainly a mix of French colonial, Buddhism, traditional Lao and Khmer; and modern architecture with influences from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. You will find houses that dated back to 19th or even 18th century, each with history of its own throughout the ups and downs of the capital. A recommendation is to try out the massage technique of Laotian and enjoy the natural lush green of Luang Prabang.


Lai Heua Fai – the Festival of the Fire Boat     –     source: www.gvi.co.uk

Halong Bay, Vietnam

 Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s most famous attractions and a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site as a natural wonder. The bay features thousands of limestone islands and islets that emerge from the serene emerald waters and are covered by patches of rainforest.

There are also various activities that travellers can do here, from boat tours, day trips, overnight cruises, to cave exploration, booze cruises, and kayaking. Therefore Halong Bay is understandably crowded, but if you can still enjoy this ethereal beauty with the private charter boat that sail deep into the bay to explore the caves and grottoes.


Kayaking through a cave, Halong Bay. © Thomas Janisch / Getty Images

An alternative choice for the touristy Halong Bay is Bai Tu Long, which means ‘the place where the dragon children descended’. Adjacent, smaller and quieter; for many its untouched beauty can rival that of Halong Bay.

Mergui, Myanmar

The Mergui Archipelago (also Myeik Archipelago) is located in Myanmar’s remote south with 800 islands unknown to the outside world, of which names you won’t find on Google maps.

The impressive biodiversity here are worthy of being called treasure for adventurers who are fond of exploring untouched wildlife and diving amongst spectacular coral reefs. Island hopping has never been so dynamic like at Mergui.


Mergui Archipelago     –     source: myanmartourism.info

Perhaps, the only trace of human you find here, are of traditional inhabitants – the Moken, sometimes called “sea-gypsies” who lead a semi-nomadic lifestyle dominated by fishing, diving to hunt for sea creatures and bartering. But don’t worry, they are generous and


The end of the year, especially Christmas, is the peak season of Southeast Asia travel, so don’t delay your booking. The best time to book is around July and August, but if you miss the period then travel agent like us can help you with booking as we often can secure your reservations when hotels seem fully booked.

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