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Nguyen Linh


I like to think that I was born to be a traveller. From a young age, I spent months exploring southern Vietnam’s wild and lush countryside. My explorations weren’t limited to geography, though; these travels were a journey of self-discovery. They made me appreciate the joys of sharing my experiences with family, which persists to this day as I help people see and experience places they’ve never visited. While I love returning to my favorite childhood locales, I also love and value the culture and language one picks up on their travels. Languages, the backbone of any cultural journey, are a big part of my life; having learned both German and English, I truly value communication as a part of an immersive and engaging travel experience.

Do you prefer to travel to cities or the countryside? Why?

I would definitely say the countryside. Having grown up in one of the least populated provinces of northern Vietnam, Phú Thọ, I was raised with an appreciation for the most charming aspects of rural life. Far from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi, I was nurtured on the peaceful atmosphere of midland life. While it’s hard to beat the convenience and excitement of an urban life, the countryside fostered my appreciation for the simpler things in life. I have fond childhood memories of flying kites, undisturbed by any sound but the wind that kept my toy afloat. Growing up in the countryside does have other perks, as well: how many people can boast about riding buffalo? I sure can! A rural childhood really instilled not only a love for peace and quiet, but a deep appreciation for animals, as well.

What is the strangest food you've tried while travelling? Where did you try it?

From Larb Gai to Bun Cha, I’ve tried most of the dishes Southeast Asia has to offer. It’s no secret that one Southeast Asian country’s cuisine can deeply influence another’s. Since I’ve tasted so many scrumptious meals in my travels, and having grown up in Asia, I’ve been lucky enough to experience, firsthand, a great many similarities among the region’s flavorful dishes. When I’m in Thailand, I can’t resist a bowl of Tom Yum soup, which uses similar fish sauces and chili spices that we use in Vietnam. So no matter what I’m eating, I always have a sense of familiarity with the myriad spices, sauces, and selections of meat set in front of me. After all, if you eat something a foreigner thinks is “strange” every single day, “strange” becomes normal! But normal and delicious are not mutually exclusive, and one of my favorite snacks has to be Bánh Mì (Vietnamese bread) with LOTS of chili paste.

What is the best tip you can give for travellers coming to Asia for the first time?

Prepare to feel right at home once you set foot in Asia. Vietnam, as well as the rest of Southeast Asia, is a strikingly welcoming place. We will invite you to our homes, enjoy meals with you, and take a genuine interest in who you are. As our guests, we want to show you the best hospitality we have to offer, and in turn, we love to hear about you and your own travels- so be prepared to make some friends!

How long have you been working in tourism? What do you like most about working in your field?

I’m naturally a “people person,” so working in the travel industry, an industry driven by giving personal attention to clients to tailor their perfect trip, is a dream job. I love to learn about and visit new destinations, which, of course, affords me the opportunity to meet new people all the time. I bring the same enthusiasm for meeting new people in my travels to my dealings with clients; their stories, interests, and desires energize me, and I’m lucky enough to meet new people every day!

I was (and still am!) a deeply ambitious and achievement-driven woman, which led me to graduate school early and put 5 fantastic years of travel experience under my belt. Over the course of these 5 years, I’ve developed not only a career, but a passion for the travel industry. Crafting outstanding, tailor-made trips for clients all over the world combines my desire to help others and to keep travel as an integral part of my life.

If you can stay at any hotel/resort which would you choose and why?

Given that I grew up with a great appreciation for wildlife and nature, I’d love to instill that same appreciation in my children. As such, the Anantara Tented Camp would be my ideal getaway. This camp treats the elephants with respect, which means no riding them, but you would have the opportunity to bathe and refresh them with cool water from the river. The area is renowned for its picturesque forests, verdant rice paddies, and of course, elephants, and the thought of seeing my children wake up to the sight of one of Anantara’s gentle giants outside their room would be a dream come true.

If you could take just ONE trip, where would you do and who would you take with you and why?

By this point, you should know that I love my animals, and a trip to Sri Lanka to see the country’s leopards and whales in the South with my family would be incredible. These experiences wouldn’t be complete without my family, though; sharing moments of beauty and creating lifelong memories with the ones I love is one of the core reasons why I travel. Not only does the wildlife draw me to Sri Lanka, but also the country’s many Ceylon tea plantations. Spending some time in the Sri Lankan hill country, attending tea tastings with my family, and enjoying the crisp air at some of the highest altitudes in the country is precisely the sort of peaceful retreat that I grew to love during my childhood, and hopefully during my children’s childhood, as well.

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