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Maldives Resorts

Visiting The Maldives is like diving headlong into another galaxy in which the crystalline waters burst open with life materializing in turquoise pools,swirling around bars of sugar sand. You can also catch glimpses of Manta Rays parade beneath water villas, demonstrating their finest ballet pirouettes as schools of vibrant tropical fish rhumba to a beat of their own, occasionally joined by whale sharks swaying to the tempo of a tidal change.

Why Go Now? 

The islands of the Maldives is less than 1 meter above sea level and ever since the 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand, a noticeable change has been consistently occurring. According to the local government, the effects of climate change are swallowing the atolls one gulp at a time.  The government estimates that the island nation has approximately 30 years before it will become the next Atlantis.

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Jumeirah Dhevanafushi

From: $1,525
per person


From: $260
per person

Amari Havodda Maldives

From: $525
per person

Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

From: $570
per person

Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort

From: $690
per person

Soneva Jani

From: $1,806
per person

Mirihi Island Resort

From: $741
per person

Velaa Private Island

From: $1,641
per person

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Maldives Resorts
Rating:(4.9 out of 5)
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In spite of the fact that the Maldives is a collection of more than 1000 islands and 20 atolls and that it’s situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, westerners rarely think of this bit of paradise as being an Asian nation.

Yet, it is.

The ethnic origin of the people of the Maldives remains somewhat of a mystery. But, according to legend, the first inhabitants were from Sri Lanka and Southern India … or, Aryans from the Indus Valley dropped by over 4,000 years ago.

With so few of the islands populated, nearly all the native residents know each other and have developed as an extended family protecting each other and raising each other’s children as the need arises. Think of family life as taking a village to raise each child.

English is the second language of most of the population with Dhivehi (a combination of Indo-Aryan language base with bits of South Asian, European and Arabic sown in) being the first.

When to Go 

Any time of year is great to visit the Maldives.  The Monsoon season extends from May to November but unlike Monsoons in other parts of the world, the rains in the Maldives is only a punctuation mark in a sunny day and then dissolves away with little effect.

What to Do

The Maldives is all about water entertainments in one form or another. It’s a divers wonderland beguiling the senses with over 3,000 brilliant coral reefs, unknown numbers of fish, sea turtles, whales, sharks, and other sea life awaiting a diver’s inspection.

The world’s largest undersea restaurant enveloped totally in glass is one of the places not to miss. The food is excellent – as is all the food in the Maldives – and the service can be termed impeccable. Eating among moray eels, damselfish and clownfish only to name a few of the more than 100 species, making 5.8 Undersea Restaurant near the Hurawalhi Island Resort the most magnificent dining experience of your life.


The Maldivian way of hosting tourists is to create self-contained resorts– each with their own facilities such as tennis courts, health spas, swimming pools, poolside bars, fitness centers, gift shops and even their own cabarets for the limited night life.

The resorts also offer a boat to take those who wish to visit one of the uninhabited islands to enjoy the remote, virginal beaches for a few hours of private pleasures. The boats will also carry you to any one of the nearby inhabited islands reserved for local populations where you can learn some of the old time skills such as making mats and flower pots or cooking the Maldivian way.

Individual resorts offer a wide range of vacation options from isolated to sprawling luxury, from budget stays with local families to pampered luxury for the elite. In addition, there are Live Aboard Diving experiences where the option to stay on a diving boat has been made available.

Felidhu Atoll: 

About 60 km south of Male`, only two of Felidhu Atolls are developed, both of which are noted for their exclusive resorts. A dive training instructor is on premises for any who wish to learn the sport and a guide is available for those who want to enjoy the spectacular colors within the sea.

Ari Atoll:

Ari is divided into two regions: Northern Ari Atoll and Southern Ari Atoll.  With more than 105 islands collected in this atoll, only about 20 actually possess resorts.  Besides snorkeling and scuba diving, fishing trips, windsurfing and sailing are available as a pause to underwater activities.

Raa Atoll:

Raa has the one and only island resorts in this atoll on Meedhupparu island where it occupies a space in the inner lagoon sheltered by lush tropical forests.  This is popular with British, Italian and U.S. tourists and sports a whopping 200 sea side bungalows and water villas grouped around the edge of the island, looking like water lilies blossoming on aqua ponds.

Male` Atoll:

Male` is both an atoll of its own as well as the capital city and the most developed and cosmopolitan of the islands towns. The capital city offers the most expansive shopping areas, parks, plazas and all the infrastructure typical of modern life.  The National Museum is located in the former Sultan’s Palace – now called Sultan’s Park – and has many Maldivian historical items on display– including a Royal Palanquin, the Royal robes and uniforms of the former Royal guards.


Generally, each resort in the atolls have some type of shopping area where you can purchase souvenirs, gifts and basic needs for your stay. The largest shopping area is in Male` around the district known as Chaadhanee Magu. If shopping is one of your enjoyments when on vacation, you’ll be disappointed in the Maldives since it’s really not about shopping or, for that matter, partying. That said, you can score some of the more exotic spices near the fish market in Male`.

More than One Trip

Looking at a map of the Maldives, you can’t help but be astonished by the immenseness of the country, spread out in polka dot fashion across the Indian Ocean appearing as a symbolic pointer toward the lands of Indonesia. There is never enough time to enjoy all that the Maldives offers.

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