Vietnam's DMZ

Vietnam’s Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, was a 10-kilometer-wide stretch of land running from Laos to the China South Sea roughly along the 17th parallel. It separated north and south Vietnam after the first Indochina war that ended in 1954. It was the bloody frontline of a long war that claimed perhaps hundreds of thousands of military and civilian lives in the surrounding area. Today, the DMZ has changed into one of the most attractive and culturally significant destinations in Vietnam. There, visitors can still see Camp Carroll, one of the largest bases of the US Marine Corps; the Truong Son National Cemetery, which is the official Vietnamese war cemetery; the Vinh Moc Tunnels, where an entire village tried to wait out the war; and much more. A day trip to the Demilitarized Zone is definitely a must to any travelers who want to experience the indomitable spirit of Vietnamese people during wartime - The Quintessence of Vietnam.

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