Located in the east of China, Suzhou is a popular destination for visits thanks to its charming beauty and the closeness to the big city of Shanghai. As a quiet sanctuary from the bustle and hustle of Shanghai, Suzhou is not only a seasonal choice for vacations of Shanghai’s residents but also a perfect stop in the journey through China of international travelers. Nestled by the calm waters of Yangze River, Suzhou has become a national symbol with its poetic canals and charming bridges. People love Suzhou because of its exceptional Oriental beauty that is kept originally in the city, where the Chinese spirit is preserved deep in the narrow streets. Romantic atmosphere absorbs in every single corner of the affectionate city, from the little stone bridges, the slender willow by the canals to the sophisticated Chinese pavilion roofs. Here in Suzhou, the perfect harmony of human’s construction and natural landscape are well featured. Beside the crowded housing areas and narrow streets are green gardens and fresh open spaces. Suzhou gardens are without doubt the jewel in the cities’ crown. A city tour will let you discover the green gardens, take a city night tour, enjoy a cruise along the Grand Canal while witness local life on the banks, study local culture through the visit to Hanshan Temple and Suzhou Silk Factory. Share the same geographic features with Shanghai, Suzhou has the similar climate with the popular city. Best time to visit is autumn months of October and November.

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