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Rekawa is a pristine beach village, 10 km east of beautiful Tangalla Bay, home to one of the most famous sea turtle nesting sites in the island of Sri Lanka. The smooth sandy beaches of Rekawa welcome different species of sea turtle to lay their eggs every night throughout the year. Thanks to the good preservation of nature, Rekawa so far has been a safe address of the turtle and other sea animals. Tourism in Rekawa is built based on eco-concept, no natural damage is allowed to implement here. The best time to observe turtles laying eggs is from January to April; especially on full moon nights, when the moonlight spreading on the beaches as a perfect stage of the creatures. The feeling when waiting for hours in the pitch black beach and finally seeing a quiet mother turtle come from the waves and heavily passing the sandy beach and leave a long track on the beach is reported as the most memorable experience by travelers.  Observing the whole process of laying eggs, you then find it worth for all waiting and expecting. It’s an amazing moment of nature. The eggs look just like ping-pong balls periodically popping out in two and three and they turn out to be cuter than anything we have seen in our lives. People and nature are just sharing a sacred moment that is deserved to be a unique experience in their life.

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