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In a more remote part of northern Myanmar, surrounded by some of Southeast Asia’s highest ice-capped peaks of the Himalayan Range, lies the peaceful town of Putao, the most Northern town of any significant size in Myanmar, and thus the gateway to unique frontier explorations into the ecologically rich dense forests and snow-capped mountains that separate Myanmar from India’s Arunachal Pradesh. From here you set off on highly adventurous trips to meet some of Myanmar’s most colourful tribes, the Rawang, Lisu, and Khamti Shan. If you seek something more livelily there are challenging white water rafting trips on Nam Lang River or the more testing Makah River (known as the “Everest of Rivers”). The immediate surroundings of Putao offer stunning views of the Himalayan range that separates northern India from Tibet. There are virtually forgotten hill tribes whose way of life has remained unchanged for centuries,  untouched and hugely bio diverse sub-tropical forests, the scenic Nam Lang River valley and canyon where the headwaters of mighty Irrawaddy begins its epic journey.

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