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Pakokku, a thriving market town on the west side of the Ayeyarwady River, is famed for its beautiful temples and picturesque riverside landscape, tobacco and thanaka (logs that are ground into a face paste cosmetically) but mainly for making the best 'slippers' in the country. Visitors board a local boat in Pakkoku for a relaxed, two-hour journey downriver to Bagan. On the way they can stop at Kyauk Gu U Min temple on the eastern side of the river This beautiful temple has exquisite stone carvings depicting religious figures and flowers. The temple itself is built into the side of cliff and behind the main hall of the temple is access to a quiet and tranquil cave. Inside the cave there are several small recessed alcoves which are ideal for meditation. Legend has it that the cave was built during the 13th century for the locals to hide from the invading Mongols.

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