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Mrauk U

Lying on a rocky isolated plateau in western Myanmar, Mrauk U is one of most spectacular royal cites of Asia. Mrauk U is smaller than Bagan but less impacted by people and tourism.  It is home to more than 150 temples among rural mountainous area set in dense vegetation surroundings. In its heyday, Mrauk U served as a free port for trading with the Middle East, Portugal, Spain, and Holland. Here, you will really have a chance to take a true exploration of uncovered works of human history or forgotten masterpiece of ancient architecture inside Myanmar’s beautiful plateau.  A huge pagoda festival is held in mid-May could be your ideal time to submerge in the religious atmosphere in this country. For the more adventurous traveller however, this archaeological backwater in the foothills of the Chin Hills is well worth a visit. Mrauk U can be reached via Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.

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