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A beautiful hilltop district with typical natural landscape of spectacular stark cliffs deep gorges set amidst dense lush forests. The road approaching Mongar is one of the most spectacular journeys in the country. It passes over sheer cliffs and through beautiful fir forests and green pastures.  Passing this way, you will have the opportunity to visit the Rhododendron garden, home to countless varieties of rhododendrons and you are even able to catch a glimpse of Gangkhar Puensum (7541 meters), the world’s highest unclimbed mountain. Mongar town is considered the main trade and travel hub of eastern Bhutan, where the main street is lined with traditionally painted stone buildings with wooden facades and verandas. Near.  Mongar is also renowned for its weavers; textiles and fabrics produced here are considered some of the best in the country, visitors are likely to be captivated by sophisticated and aesthetic scarves, clothes, cloths, etc in local markets.

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