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In the splendid Northern mountainous area of Guilin sets the Longsheng Country, the hub for approximately 10 ethnic minority groups where local customs inspire people with new knowledge and extreme surprise. Longsheng is well-known for its breathtaking giant rice terraces, the haven for landscape photographers from around the world to hunt for nice shots of endless terraces in different seasons. The most famous terrace is Longji that means Dragon’s Backbone in China, opening a myth of a fertile and abundant land. The stunning rice terrace has its name because its steps resemble a dragon's scales, while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. In the harvest time, the whole terrace area turns golden and looks like a huge inspiringartwork of the Creator. While the young rice terraces in green refresh your minds and relief your stress before the “sea of rice”. After the terraces are harvested, the steps of terraces only contain water that reflects the sky and turns into various magical colors in the sun.

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