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Khanom Beach

Tuck away from the mainstream tourist scene, Khanom Beach is a hidden gem for any traveler who is seeking a true holiday getaway. It is here that you find utmost peacefulness and relaxation while benefiting from the stunning scenery of Thailand coast. Driving along the seashore of Khanom, you will encounter many untouched beaches, noteworthy Nadan Beach, stretching over a length of 9 kilometers. Thanks to its location on the Gulf of Thailand, Khanom beach is gifted with crystal clear water and white sand, turning the place into a breathtaking paradise. You will have the chance to unwind and get to know the authentic Thailand culture through interaction with local fishermen. While in Khanom Beach, don’t miss the chance to see the precious pink dolphin. Be sure to visit nearby waterfalls and cave such as Khao Wang Thong. Yearning for more? head to the sacred 700-year old temple and hike in the jungle full of monkeys and birds.

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