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Horton Plains

To the south of Nuwala Eliya – the renowned Tea Country of Sri Lanka is Horton Plains – a National Park, the beautiful area hiding inside stunning natural life. Horton Plains National Park is a famous natural attraction of Sri Lanka that is located on the southern plateau of the central highlands of the country. It features beautiful landscapes of rolling green hills, montane forests and wet patana grassland. People say it is one of the world’s best nature reserve and eco tourism venues. As a rocky plateau over 2000 meters above the sea level, Horton Plains is covered with lush vegetation and impresses adventurers by numerous spectacular and breathtaking views of mountains, springs, waterfalls and forests. The smell of forests and wet air inspires travelers by creating mysterious atmosphere. Some rain falls here all year round; however, there is dry season from January to March. Preparing a nice pair of sneakers, a cotton long sleeved shirt and a light hat, you can certain begin an unforgettable journey into the national park.

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