E'Meishan Mountain

Located 150 kilometers south of Chengdu, E'Meishan Mountain is one of four renowned sacred Buddhist Mountains of China. Each of the mountains in China has its own legendary story in Buddhism and a secret for each visitor to explore on their own. The mountain of E’meishan stands at an impressive 3,099, metersand is the highest among the four sacred mountains. On the top of the mountain is the Jingding temple - a10 thousand year old temple which can be reached by cable cars. The way to ascend the mount of E’mei is describe as the way to heaven, which offers magical landscape and panoramic view over the lush surroundings. For a soft activity, travelers can take a nice walk down through the Monkey Area, located half way down the E’mei Mountain. The monkeys live here are Tibetan Macaques. The journey to discover E’meishan is an interesting journey to the wild nature and sacred pilgrimage.

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