The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is known as an interesting destination, where travelers can witness the lovely giant pandas living only in China. Called the “land of abundance”, Chengdu provides travelers withmany choices to visit and experience. Chengdu Panda Conservation is a popular address to see the endangered Chinese Panda. Here is the world premier research center, studying the behavior and breeding of the Pandas. The big pandas seen on movie screen are now witnessed in the bamboo forest of Chengdu, more lovely and lively. The renowned Giant Buddha in Leshan city, 162 kilometers from Chengdu is a site worthy of any visit. The Le Shan Giant Buddha that was carved into a cliff over 1300 years ago welcomes thousands of “wow” by surprising every day. Like many splendid manmade sites throughout China, the Giant Buddha offers extraordinary feelings to visitors while enjoy the beauty and sacredness of a sophisticated and admirable sculpture work. The carving, which stands at an impressive 70 meter height, took almost 100 years to complete.With he best time to visit the city and enjoy all is from April and October with mild temperatures to explore outdoor sites comfortably. Plan you visit to Chengdu to witness various beauty this city has to offer!

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