Beijing, the heart of China is for sure a must-see in every China tour. It’s not only the capital of China, but also one of the largest cities of the world. If China is the mini world of the Asia, Beijing is the mini world of China. Local residents are even proud to claim if you can’t find anything you are looking for when traveling to the capital, then it maybe doesn’t exist. It’s true. Beijing is a vibrant and vivid city that hides secrets in every single lane. Travelers always feel they don’t have enough time to explore the city. It’s hard to decide how many sites you will visit and activities you will do in Beijing. Everything is just so tempting! The Forbidden City is a must-see, known as the best examples of the Chinese Monarchy for thousands of years. It will broaden your mind, take you to the golden heydays of Chinese, the world of powerful emperors.  Another must-see is Tiananmen Square, a symbol site of Chinese communism that has been witnessing the ups and downs history of the great China. The busy life in Beijing offers you a close insight into the people of this big city. There is different lifestyle within a city, where the gap between the rich and the poor is various. A small corner of the city can reflect the whole face of the current China. Although it has its own beauty each season, the best time to visit the city is between August and October, the period is known as the “Golden Autumn”, the most pleasant time in a year.

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