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The ancient capital of Anuradhapura is also the largest and oldest of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities, where you are able to witness the ruins of the royal home of more than 250 Buddhist and Hindu kings recorded in the royal genealogies, and the preeminent city on the island for some 1400 years; the natural beauty of Mawathu Oya River forms the boundary of the sacred ancient city. It’s said that this sacred city was built around a cutting from the 'tree of enlightenment', the Buddha's fig tree. Known as a Ceylonese political and religious capital which had been flourished for approximately 1,300 years, Anuradhapura was abandoned after a war in 993. Forgotten amid dense jungles for many years, the holy site with the complex of monasteries and monuments has again opened for travelers. The Anuradhapura exploration will open the hidden gate into the mysterious history of Sri Lanka; let you connect your soul with the Sri Lankan amazing stories in the past.

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