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Indonesia is a destination of astounding diversity.


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Indonesia is a destination of astounding diversity.  The “Emerald of the Equator” comprises of 18,000 islands and not even half of them inhabited, it offers never-ending opportunities to explore. Wherever you go, Indonesia is a microcosm of adventure.

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Because Indonesia has so many beautiful handcrafts, it is an exciting shopping destination like no other. Visit the famous ARA boutique in Jakarta for trendy local fashion labels, or visit the Threads of Life Indonesian Textile Arts Center in Ubud to shop for handmade fabrics. If you are in Mataram, do not miss the bustling market of Pasar Mandalika.


While in Indonesia, tourists can stay at swank urban resorts, serene beachside resorts, and imaginative rustic hotels featuring traditional architecture. Whatever your travel style, whatever ambiance you are seeking, you will find magical accommodations to cater to your every desire.


Indonesian food is an vague term covering a wide variety of local cuisines found across the nation, but more often, it refers to the cuisine of Java – the most populated island. Javanese gátronomy is a collection of simply seasoned dishes with the predominant favor being peanuts, chillies and sugar. But overall, Indonesian food is known for its bold flavors and colorful presentation:

Nasi Goreng: is Indonesian most common fried rice.

Papeda: made from sago palm tree starch, it has a texture and consistency similar to glue and is usually served with a yellow fish soup.

Rendang daging: This meat dish may be made with beef, goat meat, or mutton cooked in coconut milk.

Tauge goreng: This fried bean sprout dish is a great option for vegetarians.  Along with the sprouts, it includes tofu, rice cake, yellow noodle, and a spicy sauce.  You will find it all over Bogor and Jakarta.  

Ketoprak: Another dish for vegetarians in Indonesia is ketoprak, which includes tofu, veggies, rice vermicelli, and rice cake with peanut sauce.

In Indonesia eating with your hand (instead of utensils) is very common. There’s one basic rule of etiquette to observe: use only your right hand to eat, and the left hand is to clean yourself later.


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