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Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel

Nestled in the heart of the charming city of Suzhou, Pan Pacific Suzhou Hotel is inspired by the delicate traditional Chinese style that is in a good harmony of the city. It lies in well with the elegant architecture of Suzhou and has become a significant construction to decorate the city.

Your time at Pan Pacific Suzhou is not only a stay during travel but also a special experience of Chinese culture while indulging yourself in the delicate hospitality of a world-class hotel. The hotel claims itself as a sanctuary that fuses the artistry of local architecture with contemporary luxury.

Beside typical Chinese pavilion roofs and the Oriental charm, Pan Pacific Suzhou offer offers modern-day conveniences, best hospitality service. Staying amidst the green backdrop of the backdrop of traditional gardens, you experience the life on Chinese? movie when your senses indulge in sophistication. Spend time exploring Suzhou, savor gourmet meals, soothe your mind and body at our spa!



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