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The Mudhouse Anamaduwa

Spread throughout a large expanse of forest on the outskirts of a small village in Anamaduwa lies The Mudhouse is a private and seductive retreat, far away from the beaten track.

Flanked by lakes and blessed with abundant birdlife, wildlife, and natural beauty, The Mudhouse offers a range of rustic accommodation in private and individually designed huts.

Run with environmental sustainability as its core focus, The Mudhouse aims to be a positive force for the people and nature with whom we co-exist.

Fun and friendly, this laid-back lodge offers a unique chance to experience rural Sri Lankan life in all its colorful splendor.

The Mudhouse consists of clusters of uniquely designed huts spread throughout a large expanse of forest land. All huts are constructed with natural materials, using ancient techniques with a distinctly modern twist.

Each structure is designed with comfort and relaxation in mind. Whilst all the individual layouts differ, the facilities are essentially the same.

All huts have outdoor showers, indoor bathrooms, dining & lounge areas and relaxation spaces adorned with hammocks and mats, all designed in a style that befits the overall aesthetic and back-to-nature theme.

There is no mains electricity in the guest areas at The Mudhouse. Lighting at night is provided by plentiful candles and lanterns as well as subtle, solar-powered LED lighting. The local village was connected to the national grid in 2012 and we now have power in the office for charging phones, cameras, iPads or whatever other gadgets you bring.

Staying at The Mudhouse is a little like stepping back in time to your own village in the jungle and to a more simple way of life, where things move at your pace.



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