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Beijing Qianmen Jianguo Hotel

Beijing Qianmen Jianguo Hotel is a luxury base of Chinese-style and European charm combined, located in the walking distance of Dazhilan shopping street, the Temple of Heaven Park. Being guests of this hotel, you are given the opportunities to experience a ?cultural? part of Beijing at the Liyuan Theatre, a property run by Qianmen Jianguo Hotel and Peking Opera House Theatre.

Peking Opera is a stylized Chinese form of opera dating from the late 18th century, in which speech, singing, mime, and acrobatics are performed to an instrumental accompaniment. Guests will enjoy authentic Chinese tea and snacks while watching the show without worrying about the language barriers because Liyuan Theatre does offer interpretation service in English, Japanese and French at each show. Furthermore, guests can even get to visit the make-up rooms and see how actors and actresses make up their faces for the show.

Qianmen Jianguo Hotel provides the high-quality facilities and services to traveler all in traditional Chinese style and promises the unforgettable time of stay.



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