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Rose Nguyen

I wants to share with the world the marvelous emotions that I've been through.

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Even though Rose is one of the youngest members of the team, that doesn’t mean she has less travel experience and passion than others. Her curiosity leads her to the desire of exploring the world, especially Vietnam - her beautiful country.
Rose has started to travel since she was a freshman. She wants to delve into every land in Vietnam to see and feel the beauty of them. She has been to Sapa and gorgeous Hoi An. She lost her way in the maze of the Mekong River and was in awe of majestic Ha Long Bay. She talked and stayed with ethnic people in their traditional houses and savored all the delicious dishes in each region of the country.  “Nowhere can beat Vietnam for its natural beauty and cuisine” Rose said. And now, she wants to share with all the people in the world the same marvelous emotions that she has been through.
Caring and dedicated, Rose always makes sure her clients have the best time during their trip.


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