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Our Promises To You

There are 7 billion people on this planet and each one of us is different. So too, are the way we book and take our vacations, family trips, honeymoons and once in a lifetime journeys. Everything is personal, and so our promise to you, is to treat every customer as an individual and to find out what matters to you the most. This enables us to plan and deliver a trip that is perfect for you and one that we know you will love. Nothing is too much and no detail too small, our goal is provide you with not one incredible memory but one after another incredible memory.

Our Values

  • We’re passionate about what we do.
  • We care enough to say, no!
  • To do a better job today than yesterday.
  • The experience is always worth the journey!
  • We treat you as we want to be treated.

Our Mission Statement

We believe in the practices of sustainability and the preservation of authentic destinations we work in. From observing many negative impacts that unplanned tourism conveys to the destinations and its communities, we recognize that sustainable tourism is the best way to travel and raise the standard of living in local communities. Therefore, we commit to using travel as a tool for sustainable development, local economic growth, and mutual understanding among different cultures. We firmly commit to creating products that enable travelers to experience the new land through the eyes of its local people while contributing to those people they spend time with, ensuring that tourism dollars benefit the local community directly. Exotic Voyages strikes for continuous improvement in our working environment and in the environmental quality of our operations and services.

How do we do it?

  • Create trips that tourists can enjoy their holiday through more meaningful connections with local people, give them a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.
  • Involves local people in decisions that affect their lives and life chances, empower them and enable them to enjoy the benefit of tourism directly.
  • Build respect between tourists and hosts, therefore, help to initiate local pride and confidence.
  • Support local economies by purchasing local products, providing employment opportunities for local people.
  • Support the integrity of local cultures by favoring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and traditional values.
  • Conduct tours in a manner that is a balance of being environmentally and financially feasible for the company and travelers.
  • Encourage suppliers to make conscious and informed choices that are environmentally sustainable, in line with our sustainable philosophy.
  • Make conscious and informed choices that benefit the environment, which include but are not limited to cutting back on plastic bag usage, encouraging staff to have their own reusable cups, using bamboo straws, taking measures to save water and electricity in the office, and recycling paper.