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Exotic Voyages, a high-end tour operator specializing in off-the-beaten track voyages from Southeast Asia to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

"I have used many travel companies in the past during my voyages and have usually had problems, but this company knows how to treat first class travelers and offers up unique, high-end properties."

Allowing professionals to take your interests into account to create a plan for you (including accommodations and travel) can alleviate a lot of the stress planning a big trip abroad can bring.

Exotic Voyages Punakha Dzong Pano Bhutan

For those who want an adventure of the transcendent kind, Exotic Voyages provides a grand 111-day spiritual journey through Asia.

To the millennials having exotic voyages while on a business trip to places like Vietnam is what gives more meaning to their work.

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Exotic Voyages is trading on the success of its seventeenth year of operation by expanding its luxury global portfolio to include three new countries for adventurous travelers: Oman, India and Japan.

The wonders of Sri Lanka unfold with your personal professional guide navigating you through the abundant natural wonders, historic, cultural and religious sites to be discovered.

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The company is built on the notion that allows the client’s individuality to shine through.