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Bui Thanh

Thanh’s passion for travel began when she was very young. In university, she was the leader of the school’s travel club, arranging trips alongside club members. Realising that was exactly what she wanted to do for a living, she joined Exotic Voyages when she graduated.

Since then, she has had a chance to explore many destinations throughout Asia. While she has enjoyed journeying to many different countries, over time, a favourite emerged, which has become her special expertise—and that is the lovely ocean gem of Maldives.

Fascinated by beaches, Thanh has travelled to pristine stands throughout Asia in search of the most relaxing, carefree spots. From the islands of Phu Quoc to Phuket, she has experienced the best of what Asia has to offer. But nothing beats the beauty and seclusion of her favourite spots: the Mergui archipelago in Myanmar, and of course the sumptuous shores of Maldives. Her impressive knowledge of beaches in Maldives and throughout Asia means she is EV’s go-to expert on the topic, capable of planning trips of unparalleled luxury for beachgoers.

When she isn’t working, Thanh enjoys sunbathing, splashing in crystal waters, and continuing to explore Asia’s sparkling sands!


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We were very happy with the responsivity and flexibility of Exotic Voyages(Ms. Thanh Bui Viet Nhat), the choice of their English speaking and educated guides, and the booking of the inland flights which were were also able to alter slightly with their help during our visit.

This was our first time working with Exotic Voyages, and it was a complete success! The entire trip ran like clockwork. There was always a knowledgeable, kind guide waiting to meet us at the airport, the accommodations were beautiful (and exactly what we were looking for), and each of the planned activities was lovely. This trip really gave us a feel for each of the countries we visited (Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand).

I’m really glad I did! Everything went smoothly from the first email to the last taxi drop off at the Yangon airport. I like that I was able to custom tailor my trip to my interests. Bui Thanh and I went back and forth until I got my itinerary and hotel choices down.

Exotic Voyages was the first agent to respond and immediately impressed me with their professionalism and attention to detail. Bui Thanh, our tour co-ordinator, responded promptly to my many questions and prepared multiple drafts of our itinerary as we made changes and refinements.

Danya Furda 

Columbus, Ohio, US

Mellisa M

Hoboken, New Jersey

The person I communicated with was Thanh. She is extremely polite and very responsive via email. He and their accounting department worked very quickly to get all of our payments processed smoothly.


London, UK

Jennifer W

San Francisco, California


Los Angeles, California


Bui Thanh - Travel Expert
Bui Thanh - Travel Expert
Bui Thanh - Travel Expert
Bui Thanh - Travel Expert
Bui Thanh - Travel Expert