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Why You Should Visit Bagan

Is Bagan a new destination in your note’s travel guide? Why you should visit Bagan?  One of the world’s greatest religious sites, Bagan offers a vast number of historic temples, magnificent sunrises and sunsets, and a magnitude of scale unimaginable to everyone.

A Grand Number Of Primitive Temples And Pagodas

Less well known than the temples at Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia, Bagan is definitely one of the must-sees in Southeast Asian countries. The sheer number and diversity of temples and pagodas with the incredible sights will leave you breathless. More than 2000 ancient temples scattering over Bagan, each of them has their own ravishing beauty as well as historical and religious significance. The “sun set temple” Shewsandaw Temple, the holiest Ananda Temple built in 1091 and the tallest Thatbyinnyu pagoda in Thatbyinnyu Temple.


The “sun set temples” in Bagan, Myanmar

 A Wide Range Of Festive Time

Additionally, coming to Bagan in January or February, you have a chance to witness annual pilgrims from all over the country gather here to celebrate Burmese traditional festival. With music, worship in the holiest atmosphere, you are surprised by the spiritual Ananda Pagoda holiday. Known as the festive land, the festival of Lights is expected to bring you the most peaceful moment in the flow of time.  Light from the balloons, lanterns or fireworks is the symbol of moving out of darkness and towards the brilliant future. Then, following a monk, you come to a unique alcove with served-candles and enlighten oil lamps in sequence to make a queue of furious flames. If you are considering why you should visit Bagan, a festive time obviously gives deserved answer!


Annual pilgrims from all over the country gathering to celebrate Burmese traditional festival

Stimulating Outdoor Activities

The easiest way to watch temples, pagodas and payas from the bird-eye views is trying a hot air balloon. Awe inspiring flights over the unique city of Bagan with unrivalled majestic of thousands of ancient temples. You, absolutely, have the sight of the cultural city from the air! From a unique and charming platform of a hot air balloon basket, all the remarkable landscapes appear as far as you can see. Enjoy an unforgettable sunrise over the panoramic plain from the upper terrace of the famous temples and peaceful Irrawaddy River in the pure morning. Hot air balloon adventure is highly recommended, particularly for those who love photography and adore the best scenic beauty of Myanmar that you have never seen before!

Hot air balloon adventure is highly recommended in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, a new or old Bagan? Actually, the area in Bagan is divided into three exclusive towns. A new Bagan in the south, Old Bagan in the north and the newest town, called Nyaung Oo in the east of Old Bagan. Discover all in a journey? Such a perfect mixture! This is one of the reasons why you should visit Bagan! Don’t be rush in Burma. Don’t be rush in Bagan. The most exotic thing you can do is biking or riding a horse carriage. Take a bike or a horse cart around each part of town and do a whole round: from new Bagan to old Bagan, head to Nyaung Oo and end at New Bagan. By this way, even the picturesque vista or the biggest temples inspire you by its own exquisite beauty. A Bagan, with both modern and ancient towns, enables you to discover all in only one city. The real images of Buddha are everywhere, in the walls, in elegant brick stupas in every narrow corner. The highlight of a visit Bagan is to climb the steps of the Mount Popa, the towering pagodas and contemplate the splendid sunset over Bagan. In this setting, the view becomes more brilliant.  The river reflects the fading sunlight, the reddish glimmer of the stupas and the vast of the huge plain are slowly dimmed by the setting of the sun.

Mount Popa

Mount Popa, the towering pagodas and contemplate the splendid sunset over Bagan

Best Place To Get YES For A Proposal

Sunrise and sunset are always magical moments everywhere. But in Bagan, it is definitely surreal. Blessed with over 2,000 Buddhist monasteries, temples and pagodas, the plain of Bagan offers visitors the romantic landscapes from another perspective. Climb to the top of Lawkaoushaung, contemplate the sun rising over the vivid temples and its shadow in the golden canvas. It is an incredible sight to watch. When is the best time to get on bended knee than with a backdrop of sun-kissed Burmese temples? Of course, sunrise! It is hard to refuse. According to the Lonelyplanet, Bagan is one of the best places to get YES for a proposal! It is worth to visit!

Scrumptious Burmese Cuisines

Coming to Bagan, it is better if you try local food at small noodles and curry shops. Why? Burmese food is well known as the great combination of different Asian tastes: Indian, Thai and China. In Bagan, you can expect all these flavors and more. The national dish of Burma is Mohinga, made with fish paste and rice noodle and usually mixed with garlic, onions and lemongrass. Burmese cuisine here, are always one of the reason why you should visit Bagan! A chance to try authentic curry shouldn’t be missed. Unlike curry in Thailand, Indian or Cambodia, egg curry in Bagan keeps its own distinctive boutique! It usually made with chicken eggs with the greasy taste of curry. I have tried it before and want to try thousand times without ever getting two precisely the same! Besides, other Burmese recipes are served in Bagan, for examples, Kyay oh (made from vermicelli noodles in soup with pork bits and greens), Mala hin (contain tofu, beans, peas, carrots, rice noodles and other vegetable). With a wide range of cultures and ethnic groups plus along history, distinguished food in Bagan is a must try in your Myanmar tours.

visit Bagan

Goat curry in Bagan, Myanmar

For sure, a Bagan, with thousands of religious temples, exquisite sights from both air or mountain views and a gastronomic destination, totally makes you fall in love with the primitive city of Myanmar. That is why you should visit Bagan to shade in your mind the best of magical Myanmar!

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