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The Weather Diary in Vietnam

One of the most frequent questions people ask when heading to Vietnam is: “What time of year should I go?” In general, Vietnam is a very humid, hot and sunny place all year round, but the rain depends on what time of year you go. The weather can change very rapidly in different parts of the country due to its length. The rain usually doesn’t last very long, and when it does rain it dries up pretty quickly due to the heat. Sometimes Vietnam does experience storms, but instead of looking at the weather month by month, it may be easier to look at the general weather region by region.

North Vietnam

In the North, they generally have 2 seasons: Summer and Winter. Winter usually occurs between November and March and is cooler and colder than the Summer months of April to October. The North is generally milder than the South anyway, but Winter temperatures average at 17 degrees Celsius. In the Summer temperatures can rise to about 40 degrees Celsius at peak times (June-July). It’s very humid, but the Summer months also carry the most rain. If you’re worried about the rain is an issue on your holiday, don’t be! The rain doesn’t usually last very long and because of the heat and humidity, it evaporates quite fast. March to June, then September to December would be the best times to visit the North.

Central Vietnam

In the center of Vietnam are the coastal lowlands and central highlands. The coastal areas in central Vietnam are usually dry and hot in the Summer due to protection from the rain from the Truong Son Mountains. However, the unprotected areas are colder and wetter in the Winter. Also, storms occur more often in the center coasts than the Northern coasts in the Summer; however they don’t occur very often. The central highlands, on the other hand, are prone to more rainfall and are cooler than the coastal areas. The weather tends to get hotter the further south of the highlands you go. Central Vietnam would be visited mostly in the Summer.

Southern Vietnam

In South Vietnam there are 2 main seasons: the dry and rainy, even though the average temperatures of about 27-32 degrees Celsius don’t change very often. May – November sees the rainy season, where it rains almost every afternoon. February to April is the start of the dry season and the weather is usually very hot. However, the weather cools down a little bit when they receive slight rain. December to March would be the best time to visit the South, however, if you are visiting between May and August, the weather is still good.


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