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The Best Mountainous Areas to Trek in Vietnam

For adventurous travelers, trekking is a walking form to discover. They often bring their own personal items and visit remote villages or climb mountains, or trek through forests. With its hilly terrain, Vietnam has a lot of interesting places for trekking as the following suggestions.

1. Fansipan - Lao Cai province

When trekking in Vietnam, tourists should not miss Fansipan which is the highest mountain in Vietnam as well as Indochina. Therefore, it is considered as "the roof of Indochina". In the vernacular, Fansipan is called "Hua Xi Pan" which means "the huge lottery stone". The majority of tourists regard Fansipan as the target of the trip. With 3,143 m altitude, you can conquer the mountain in 3 different ways. The easiest way is from Tram Ton to the top and tourists can return in this way. The trip lasts 2-3 days.

(Photo: Hachi)

With the second way which is 19.5 km, it takes tourists 4 days. It also from Tram Ton but tourists will be back by trekking along Muong Hoa valley, Cat Cat stream and the eastern side of Hoang Lien range. Mit, Binh Lu to the top. This is a very dangerous way and just for professional trekking and rock climbing tourists with appropriate equipment. 

2. Nhiu Co San Peak - Lao Cai province

The mountain located in Sang Ma Sao commune, Bat Xat district, Lao Cai, is one of the two highest peaks in the area. It is not as famous as Fansipan Mountain but it has many areas with beautiful flowers in the 2.200m valley where the stream flows toward the forest.


3. Sapa - Lao Cai province

If tourists really want to learn about Sapa, go trekking to the villages, overnight and visit real life of the Hmong, Dao, Day, etc. It would be extremely interesting. Walking through the rice fields, tourists can see hills with yellow rice as flowers. After going through bamboo road, tourists will see a beautiful valley undulating triangle peaks covered with white clouds. In the afternoon, smoke spreads from houses in the village with the fragrant smell of dishes. Tourists can enjoy food cooked with the wood stove which has a great smoky smell.


4. Moc Chau - Son La province

Trekking in Vietnam, tourists should visit Moc Chau. They can freely explore endless meadows at the foot of the mountain, the vast tea hills and fields of flowers. Spring passes, summer comes. Moc Chau is a wonderful destination for you to escape hot temperatures in the plain. Moc Chau Plateau is cool all year.

(Photo: Hinh Loi Phong)

There are so many destinations that tourists can go trekking in Vietnam. The places above are some suggestions for those who are interested in tours of Vietnam.  


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