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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

03 Mar, 2018

Planning your trip to Vietnam can be stressful due to the vast amount of alluring destinations and thrilling activities available. Among all of these options are Vietnam’s most prized possessions - ...

Island Hopping in Thailand

26 Feb, 2018

As a jaw-dropping destination, Thailand never ceases to amaze every visitor to see its breathtaking beauty. With more than 300 hundred of islands, island hopping is one of the best ways for those who ...

One Day At The Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

23 Feb, 2018

We drove to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre to visit Murphy on a Saturday morning. Murphy is a 2-year-old sun bear that Exotic Voyages have sponsored since he was a cub. We didn’t see him for a ...

5 Hot Luxury Honeymoon trends in 2019

08 Feb, 2018

When it comes to honeymoons, a one-stop beach destination like Caribbean or Hawaii may pop up in your mind at the speed of light. If it’s not beaches, then it will be cliche Paris, Roma or ...

7 Paradises in Asia for Foodie Travelers

05 Feb, 2018

For traveling foodies, nothing seduces them than a tasty local dish. Exploring the cuisine is a must-do ‘mission’ which is as important as visiting the iconic landmarks of the country. From the ...

Thailand Itinerary for Beach Lover

02 Feb, 2018

You have heard about the numberless exotic beaches in Thailand but have only a 10-day vacation? Don’t worry, you still can get a good taste of this country islands in such that short amount of ...

11 Days Of Quintessential Vietnam

29 Jan, 2018

We all know that a real person and a real story are more valuable than thousand words. When you hear your friend praising a book, you want to read it. When your cousin can’t stop talking about a ...

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