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Travel Blog

Top 5 Best Shopping Experiences in Hoi An

22 Nov, 2018

Over the last few years, Hoi An has become a must-see destination within Vietnam. Few travelers can resist its special vibe, lovely streets, yellow houses, small shops, and busy cafes. Visitors who ...

5 Southeast Asia Top Adventure Trips

19 Nov, 2018

What does “adventure” mean to you? To some, it might be seeing themselves conquering great peaks. To others, it’s immersing in an unfamiliar culture. Whatever your interests are, there’s an ...

Bun Cha - Hanoi's Culinary Jewel

04 Oct, 2018

The dish that has captured the US President's heart On the summer days of May - 2016, the former US President, Barack Obama paid a three-day official visit to Vietnam. During that short trip, he ...

Pho - The First Must-Eat Dish of Vietnam

07 Sep, 2018

Pho has named Vietnam into the world food map Pho may be the most well-known dish in Vietnam. Just its name is enough to put Vietnamese cuisine into the world food map. You can find this bowl in ...

The Art of Water Puppetry in Vietnam

22 Aug, 2018

Though water puppetry (múa rối nước) appeared more than 4000 years ago all across the world, it originated from the Red River Delta region in northern Vietnam. While Vietnamese theater is ...

A Friday night-out like a Bangkokian

18 Jul, 2018

It is often said coming to Bangkok in the rain season would be a nightmare due to the heat and humidity here but for me, it's totally different. During daytime, you can easily get burned by the ...

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